[Home Movie: Jung Family, San Francisco, 1955]

The Jung Family lived in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood and created home movies of family outings, picnics, and trips in and around the Bay Area from 1952-1967. Dr. Edmund Dixon Jung (1914-2006) and Dr. Haw Chan Jung (1919-2013) both grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and met attending the University of California,

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[Home Movie: Fulbeck Family, Christmas 1976]

[Home Movie: Fulbeck Family, Christmas, circa 1970]

Hitler, high officials and entourage at the Berghof

Reel 7 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). According to IWM shotlist, the following individuals appear in this footage: Gustl Schulze-Cossens, Karl Jesko von Puttkammer, Walter Hewel, Albert Bormann, Baldur von Schirach, Heinrich Hoffmann, Khalid al Hud, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner, Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann, Nicolaus von Below, Sepp

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Berghof: Sepp Dietrich, Eva’s family, dogs, colleagues

Reel 3A of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Scenes taken from an airplane. Woman with two young children. Gen. Joseph (Sepp) Dietrich, Chief of Waffen SS, CUs on terrace reading documents, playing with Albert Speer’s children, holding little girl on lap. Eva with members of family. Scenes of a town.;03:04:30

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Sightseeing in Germany

EXT and INT of a church. In Dresden, the Zwinger Palace and Equestrian Statue of King John. River. Large garden and estate. City square with some traffic and pedestrians. German family walks through a park. 01:10:03 Bustling street with traffic in Berlin. Brandenburg gate. Barracks of a building under construction. 01:10:44 Pan of a building

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Kan family at the zoo

Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen. Two children looking at various animals. EXT shots of the pavilion buildings at the zoo;animals in the exhibits;crowd watching seals. Children feed pigeons and hold a goat

Visiting the park and the zoo in prewar Netherlands

EXT, children (much younger) walking on a ledge surrounded by large boulders in Park Sonsbeek, including Louis, Rachel, and cousin Henny Cohen. The family visits the park on the occasion of a visit by Leentje (Sophia’s oldest sister) and Alexander Cohen. Walking in the park and waving. CU, Alexander nodding. Lots of family walking towards

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Zoo and snow in Holland

Abraham at the zoo in the Netherlands, bears and lions. 01:07:53 In black and white, children sled in the snow. Two men pull a heavy load on a wagon

Visiting England

REEL 1 (personally shot or purchased?) LS of a moving train from different angles. Train tracks. Train passes a station. Sheep graze on a hill and run. Sign for “Malvern Theatre / George Arliss / The Iron Duke…” (a 1934 British film) on a brick building. [Malvern Hills is in the West Midlands of England]

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