Liberation: Germany; Czechoslovakia: Soviet and American Armies

VS, high angle, woman in an overcoat walking down street, man in U.S. Army uniform holding a box, walking down street. Two separate shots of the woman walking. Cut to VS, pan of sky and clouds, for a brief moment a small plane is visible, flying low. Plane on an airstrip, the man in Army

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Liberation: Luxembourg, Cologne; US Army soldiers; wounded men; field hospital

Liberation of Dachau; Folk Festival in Czechoslovakia

EXT, U.S. Army medical unit loads supplies onto trucks for transport. Snow on the ground, soldiers in winter gear, VS loading large wooden crates. VS, the convoy of medical unit trucks travels over difficult terrain, dirt and mud roads, etc. MS, a truck dumps a large amount of rubble onto a dirt road, soldiers [and

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Prague; field surgery; London; German submarines

U.S. Army soldiers; surgery; hospital; Gen. Patton; liberated villagers

US Army medics, trauma surgery

Liberating, providing aid to survivors at Buchenwald

US Army assisting survivors of Buchenwald and shots of the dead and dying.;MS Ambulance with Red Cross drives through gate into camp compound, past brick building labeled 59, many GIs walking around, can see several other same kind of brick buildings. 1:01:17 MCU some kind of entryway past brick wall manned by GIs thru which

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American nurses attend to wounded German POWs

Campsite with Red Cross vehicles. The 51st Field Hospital attends to a massive number of wounded soldiers in early September 1944, most likely in St. Erme in Northern France, where the 51st Field Hospital had too many German POWs to treat under tents

American nurses in Belgium

Complex of brick buildings with the 51st Field Hospital, probably shot in December 1944 or January 1945 (perhaps in Huy, Belgium or Lierneaux, Belgium). 01:18:44 Beatrice poses with her camera by a guard station decorated with the Belgian flag motif. Medical trucks are parked outside and covered with snow. Men carry the sick and wounded

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Nurses treat the wounded at a hospital

Military man walks toward the camera along a road, smoking. The 51st Field Hospital is relocated to a hospital complex, likely in Belgium or Germany. The 51st Field Hospital was stationed in Germany after February 1945. Pan of hospital complex buildings and gardens. 01:22:11 Beatrice, wearing a traditional nurse’s uniform, poses with three patients in

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