Family and friends in Maine, 1937-1938–Cyrus Pinkham–home movies. Reel 1

Black-and-white reel compiling home movies of Pinkham family and friends at several Maine locations, including Gardiner and Pemaquid Beach.

Dassler-Lichte wedding, July 1941–Dassler family–home movies. Reel 17

Children, gardens, WAVES–Messler family–home movies. Reel 5

Color home movies including scenes of children and of women in Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) uniform.

Bub, 1940–Harris M. Elliott–home movies. Reel 3

1940 home movie of a boy at play indoors and in the snow.

Abraham Katz–home movies. Reels 83-151

Black and white and color amateur footage of the Katz family in Cambridge, MA, on vacation around the United States, Caribbean, and France, weddings, parades, and family scenes.

A family outing and Christmas, 1937;scenes from 1939–Cyrus Pinkham–home movies. Reel 4

Compiled reel of home movies including an August 1937 trip by the Pinkhams and Stewarts to New York’s Belmont Lake State Park;Christmas 1937;and various family scenes from throughout 1939.

[Whipple–home movies] Reel 8

[Whipple–home movies] Reel 32

[Whipple–home movies] Reel 23

[Whipple–home movies] Reel 20