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The Chavira – Estrada Collection, no. 3 – Wedding

This home movie from El Paso’s Chavira-Estrada family documents the events of a family wedding, starting with family members preparing themselves and helping the bride get coiffed and dressed, and continuing with the procession down the church aisle, part of the ceremony, and the newly weds exiting the church under a shower of rice. The

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The Figueroa Family Collection – Wedding Reception and a Veil in the Wind

This home movie from the Figueroa family captures scenes of a bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception as a live band plays and friends and family look on. Also included are images of the bride in her gown, her veil contending with the wind, as well as images of the family in their

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The Figueroa Family Collection – Wedding Ceremony

This home movie from the Figueroa family captures scenes of a bride being assisted in attaching her veil before her wedding ceremony. The small ceremony takes place, then the newlyweds are congratulated by the gathered friends and family before posing for the camera outside.

The Coltman Collection, no. 1 – Peter and Felicity’s Wedding Day (1955)

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures scenes from Peter and Felicity’s wedding day. Most of the footage is of the reception, where they eat a meal with friends and family, cut the wedding cake and take photos.

The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 2 – Arkansas Air National Guard and Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures scenes of Galveston’s Ketchum family in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The first portion of footage captures members of the Arkansas Air National Guard at an airfield in Fort Smith. A pilot dances for the camera and demonstrates how to don the proper flight attire while mechanics repair various planes

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The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 1 – Wedding Ceremony and Pram Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures multiple Ketchum family gatherings in Tulsa and Galveston, from a wedding ceremony to a neighborhood parade of children in prams and floats to a trip to the beach. A portion of the footage takes place at the Ketchum’s Galveston residence, the historic Menard House. Michel B. Menard was

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 9 – Family Celebrations and Texas Happenings (1937-38)

This home movie features a number of Hopkins family celebrations and happenings around Texas in 1937 and 1938. The film opens with the wedding of E.B. Hopkins’s eldest daughter, Amy, to Ted Fitch. Next, E.B. Hopkins tours the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas’ Fair Park, focusing on buildings such as the Hall of State, the

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The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Trip to Ireland and London (1967)

This home movie captures a trip around Ireland and England in 1967, including stops in Shannon, Blarney, Knock, Athlone, Dublin, and London. The footage focuses mostly on views from the tour bus window and also includes footage of members of the group kissing the Blarney Stone.