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Austin Aquatic Club Goes to Corpus Christi (1966)

An Austin Aquatic Club visit to a Corpus Christi beach is captured in this 1966 home movie footage. The Austin Aquatic Club, now known as Longhorn Aquatics, was coached and directed by former All-American Longhorn water polo swimmer, Wally Pryor from 1953 to 1975. This mob of candid youths mug for the camera and take

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The John and Alois Morkovsky Collection, no. 24 – Vacation School

This home movie from the Morkovsky collection captures classes from vacation school posing, waving, and crossing themselves for the camera. Also on the reel is a display of the children’s projects; blue ribbons suggest that they might be competition winners. Do you recognize anyone in this film or know where it is? Please contact us

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HP Wells Family Films – Birthday Party (1958)

This home movie from the HP Wells family captures scenes of women and dressed-up children eating cake, waving to the camera, and playing with presents and party favors at a birthday party in 1958.

The Grimes Family Films – Puppies! (1956-1957)

This home movie from the Grimes Family Films captures scenes of a birthday celebration and two Christmas mornings. It also shows the young Grimes daughter playing with small puppies, and the brother and sister playing together in a backyard pool.

HP Wells Family Films – Christmas, Caroling, and a Snowman (1960)

This home movie from the HP Wells family captures scenes of children enjoying Christmas and wintertime activities in 1960, including Christmas caroling, playing with presents, and building a snowman.

The Figueroa Family Collection – Family Picnic

This home movie from the Amadtta Figueroa collection captures scenes of the family in and around the house and at a family picnic, where the children have a watermelon eating contest.

The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Wedding, Family Reunion, and Trip to Pueblo Mountain Park (1967)

This home movie from the 1960s captures family gatherings in Shiner, including a family reunion, a wedding, and the welcoming a new addition. Also included is footage of children picking wildflowers and a family trip to Pueblo Mountain Park in Colorado.

The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Construction of the Hilton Palacio del Rio (1967)

This home movie captures the construction of the Hilton Palacio del Rio along the San Antonio River Walk, paying particular attention to the technique of stacking large concrete units with a crane. The Hilton Palacio del Rio was built for the 1968 HemisFair and is a city landmark with a construction story as interesting as

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Wallace and Elvy Raney Collection – JA Ranch

This home movie captures scenes of the Raney family at the JA Ranch. Established in 1876, the JA is the oldest privately owned ranch in the Texas Panhandle. In the film, the family poses with animals, milks cows, and visits downtown Clarendon.

The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 22 – The First Annual Aqua Festival Parade and Rodeo (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the first annual Aqua Festival parade and rodeo in Austin in 1962. The Aqua Festival was founded in 1962 to promote Austin and the surrounding region as a destination and to boost the local economy during its slow season. This film documents one of the festival’s parades, where floats

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