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US Army 31st Tank Battalion soldier’s wartime movies in Europe and Washington, DC

Silent amateur footage taken by Stephan Minovich, a US Army soldier and member of the HQ 31st Tank Battalion. Footage shows homefront scenes in Minovich’s hometown of Washington, DC with his wife and family, wartime scenes in England, Germany, and possibly France and Czechoslovakia circa 1944-45, and the liberation of a concentration camp.;Minovich family posing

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Washington DC in springtime; vacationing at Isle of Shoals

Title: “Family Shots 1939.” Picture of George Washington. Tidal basin in Washington, DC, with the cherry blossoms in bloom. Unidentified man and woman getting out of car. Washington Monument, view from Thomas Jefferson Memorial. 01:01:41 Views looking down on Washington from the monument, White House, and other monuments, views of Pennsylvania Avenue, the US Capitol

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Glacier National Park; military parade

Mountain shots, road, truck, lake. Pans across river/lake, houses on water front. Sign for park. 01:03:05 road, car. Dark shot – possible bear walking around. Military van passes. 01:04:39 sign for Apgar Cabin Camps. Log cabins, American flag. Sign for Lake McDonald Ranger station. Man walks past camera. 01:08:13 “Tom B Moore. W.M. Wayman” title.

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 21 – St. Paul’s College and Seattle, WA

This home movie captures scenes of Thomas F. Freeman traveling to Lawrenceville, Virginia to deliver a lecture at St. Paul’s College, where he is a Stahley Christian Scholar Lecturer, and attend a church dedication. Footage from a trip to Seattle is also included, depicting sweeping shots of the city’s skyscrapers, highways, and waterfront.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 13 – Trips to the Wider Caribbean Region

This home movie captures scenes of trips to various South and Central American countries between 1926 and 1934, including Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, and the United States Virgin Islands. In addition to sightseeing footage, the film highlights the means of transport to these destinations, from ocean liners to trains

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The Easterwood Family Films, no. 4 – Century 21 Exposition (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the Easterwood family visiting the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair – The Century 21 Exposition. The film focuses primarily on the Space Needle, which was the tallest building west of the Mississippi at the time.

The Orris D. Brown Collection, no. 3 – Texas Centennial Snapshots (1936)

This film from the Orris D. Brown Collection documents notable locations, battles, and citizens that tell the story of early Texas at the time of its centennial in 1936. Intertittled to introduce each place and its significance, footage is included of statues of La Salle and Sam Houston, the Spanish Governor’s Palace and the Alamo

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