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Touring Paris

Family footage of the Herz family vacation in Europe in 1937. Footage shows images of Jewish-American life before World War II with its European roots.;LS, Versailles. Plaza, park in Paris, horse and buggy. Woman running towards the camera. Paris street scenes and shots of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Crowds

Sightseeing in France: Paris & Versailles

Title: “Streets of Paris. Cafes on the Champs-Elysees. Arc de Triomphe. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Place de la Concorde.” Sightseeing in Paris, including street scenes, cafe with red tables and chairs, Arc de Triomphe, Eternal Flame for Unknown Soldier (WWI) with wreath and flowers, French police, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, statues, cars

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Sightseeing in Paris; women modeling new dresses

Another day, showing monument/great building, two women with another German officer. Focus on one (not the same woman as shown previously), who is smiling and laughing. She tips her hat to the camera. 01:05:18 in a park. Two women from the previous scene are laughing and swinging on a swing set, standing up. An older

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Sightseeing in Paris

In Paris, Lou Hartman with August Levy standing at an outdoor cafc. The family converses and takes a walk. 01:20:47 The Palace at Fontainebleau. Statue in the square near the Fontainebleau. 01:21:37 The family tours the Palace of Versailles. Robert Levy at a cafc table. 01:22:00 Family aboard “Rubber-neck Buses” for tourists to see the

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