Cambridge University, 1931–Oscar R. Houston–home movies. Reel 11

Black-and-white home movies of a visit to Cambridge University in 1931.

[Quincy Market Centennial] Version 2

One of two films sponsored by the Faneuil Hall Markets Century Celebration in 1926. This industrial film details the history of the markets, and showcases industries surrounding the market, from farms to fisheries, as well as the communities served by the markets. This film was most likely made to be shown to the members of

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[Joshua W. Curtis, Jr. – home movies] Reel 7

Man shovels snow in front yard. Cabin burning. Searsport fire truck. Firemen hose fire. Tractor picks up dirt. Woman picks flowers. Wharf. Men in front of campus building. A stone house. Buildings on Bowdoin College campus, including King Chapel. Man walking through outdoor brick entrance. Man riding horse during the fall. Couple hunting. Young man

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