David Glick’s JDC mission to South America in the late 1930s

In color: A hydroplane is docked on the water in Trinidad. “Pan American Airlines” logo and lettering, crew members work on propellers and engine, walking along the wing, in the FG a young boy looks at the camera and watches the men on the “deck” of the plane. Several passengers board the plane, both men

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Sightseeing in Switzerland and Italy

June 27-29, 1927. Lucerne, Switzerland, views of the lake of Lucerne. 01:30:49 The Palace Hotel with mountains in BG. Covered bridge and the marketplace at Lucerne. Street scenes, bicycles, pedestrians crossing a bridge, Swiss flag on a building. Very brief CU of Carl. Lakeside views as the family travels to the Rigi tourist mountain with

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Celebration in Luxembourg; Nice, Monaco coastline; returning to New York

History of 303rd Field Artillery

Col. Redding chronicles the progress of the 303rd Field Artillery, primarily in Germany, includes DPs, POWs, and camps for Russian and Polish refugees.;Map of Marienbad. Footage of the spa town around May 5, 1945. Newspaper headlines: VE Day, “Churchill, King George Speak Today.” GIs on lawn in front of hotel. Radio. Roads with released German

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U.S. soldiers at Berchtesgaden; marching in Munich; boarding trains with locals to go home

Driving in the countryside around Munich (1945), now in the area around Berchtesgaden. Beautiful shot of the Alps mountains while driving over a river. Soldiers stop alongside the road and enjoy a moment in the sun. A convoy pulls up to the wreckage of Hitler’s headquarters at Berchtesgaden. The camera looks down from the mountainside

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Tennenbaum family films; Jewish life in Nazi Austria

Train station in Humenne; village square

Reel 2.;Brief pan of Budapest (gray, repeated in Story 1451). Intertitle: Humenne — My Home Town, A Typical Slovakia Village. Trains, people board and deboard. Train station. Boy on peasant cart with cows and a wagon in the main square of Humenne. People gathered in the town square for market days (on Mondays and Fridays).

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Duisburg Nazi Party members go to Nuremberg for Reichs Party Day

Title: “Mit der Ortsgruppe Duisburg-Scd zum Reichsparteitag Ncrnberg 1935”. Second title reads: “Schmalfilmaufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp” Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South go to Nuremberg for the 1935 Reichs Party Day. The men, dressed in uniform, gather on the platform in a train station (Duisburg?), in good spirits, conversing, purchasing refreshments from a vendor, smoking. 01:01:46

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Jewish life in Budapest before the war

Tourist sights in Brussels

Jacoby family tours Brussels: street scenes, EXT buildings, stone monument, street, statue, Cinquantenaire Arch, lion statues, street scenes, train station