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Berghof: Sepp Dietrich, Eva’s family, dogs, colleagues

Reel 3A of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Scenes taken from an airplane. Woman with two young children. Gen. Joseph (Sepp) Dietrich, Chief of Waffen SS, CUs on terrace reading documents, playing with Albert Speer’s children, holding little girl on lap. Eva with members of family. Scenes of a town.;03:04:30

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Eva Braun with her family; Berchtesgaden terrace on Easter

Reel 4 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun. (Seized Enemy Records.);COLOR. Scenes of buildings, boats, probably Hamburg. Eva with her family on a boat. Scenes of city and the water. Women selling fish. Out at sea, military boats, other boats. Hands from deck of boat in Nazi salute. Docking, man shaking woman’s hand.

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Hanna plays alone, then with Thomas and Lieberman family adults in the yard of their home, and finally bathing

Hanna plays with a very small wagon. Around her neck is some kind of purse. She puts many things in the wagon, and then walks around pulling it. She runs into another girl. Benedikt holds his daughter. Grandfather Sperber (older man with beard) hugs Thomas. Hanna gives Thomas a kiss, and then they play. The

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Frieder estate in Manila; family visits Baguio

Pan of the Frieder family villa exteriors in Manila, including gardens, grounds, lush vegetation. People work in the large garden. View of Manila beyond the estate from roof(?) of villa. 00:02:56 Brief shot of the girls at play followed by views of the grounds at Camp John Hay in Baguio City in 1933. Jane and

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Frieder family at their estate in Manila; children at camp; Jewish refugee family from Europe; Alice’s birthday

Alex and Corinne Frieder’s children swim in the pool at their home in Manila. Louise and Edna hold up Alice. Edna poses and shows off for the camera. Edna, Louise, and Alice dance around their grandmother, also named Corinne, seated in a chair. Swans in the second pond in front of the house. Edna, Louise,

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Kan family at the beach in Zandvoort

Hand writes “Zandvoort 1934” on parchment. 01:06:40 Betsy tries to ride a bicycle. Robert rides a scooter. Woman holds the seat of the bicycle as the girl rides. 01:07:34, beach. Jeanne and an unidentified man in a robe over a bathing suit walk towards the camera. Jeanne walks away. 01:08:01 Betsy digs a hole in

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Kan family ice skating; at home in Amsterdam; Betsy at school

Title card: “1934” EXT shots of an ice rink with people skating in Amsterdam. 01:00:31 Side view of a house. Betsy and Robert exit the house and walk down the steps towards the camera. Jeanne exits the house behind the children and closes the door. 01:00:44 Tall fence with the number 66. Children run down

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Family takes a walk and children play in prewar Poland

It is winter, a group of older family members (including Benedikt’s sister Nelly, who is Thomas’s mother) are waiting outside the house in Jaremcze. The children are both walking. They all walk out of the house and down a pathway. Hanna is on the back porch with a croquet mallet, talking to Nelly in the

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Family takes a walk in prewar Polish town and children play with a wagon

An older man and a woman walk down a road, with horse carts parked on either side of them. Another man walks with Hanna, who quickly becomes interested in the carts. 01:08:44 The family is on the porch of their home again. Hanna has a toy wheelbarrow and begins playing. Thomas has a wooden wagon,

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Hanna eats and plays on the terrace with Lieberman family, prewar Poland

CU, Hanna, with a bow in her hair, eats out of a bowl. She looks around a lot, and plays a bit, but seems to enjoy the food. Cut to outside, the kids are playing with their wagon, and many more adults are around this time. Thomas has a large toy car as well