The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 1 – A Stroll in Sombreros

This home movie from the 1960s features mutliple generations of the Gonzalez family strolling the streets of a city, possibly in Mexico. Costumed little boys wear sombreros and play with toy guns. The women of the family wear nice dresses and smile for the camera.

The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Wedding, Family Reunion, and Trip to Pueblo Mountain Park (1967)

This home movie from the 1960s captures family gatherings in Shiner, including a family reunion, a wedding, and the welcoming a new addition. Also included is footage of children picking wildflowers and a family trip to Pueblo Mountain Park in Colorado.

The Alan Frye Collection, no. 25 – Swimming Hole Near Uvalde

This home movie features a couple of Frye Family Christmases, swinging into a swimming hole, neighborhood kids jumping into the swimming pool, and a birthday party.

Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – High School Rodeo

This home movie captures scenes of a 1950s high school rodeo in Clarendon. The film includes footage of the contestants lining up, followed by bucking broncos, calf roping, and bull riding events. The film also features parades in the center of town and footage of the Raney family at their ranch.

The Steve Gomez Collection, no. 11 – Flores Family at Corpus Christi House (1966-67)

This home movie captures picturesque scenes of the Flores children in the yard of their home in Corpus Christi. The kids ride a tandem bike and a tricycle, play with a toy gun, and say goodbye to their father as he leaves for work at Sam Napier Texaco Station. Also included are scenes of classic

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The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – From Shiner to Canada

This home movie captures family life in 1960s Shiner, including a fishing trip and a large church picnic. It also features footage of Father Emil Wesselsky’s trip to Catholic North American pilgrimage sites, such as the Parish in the National Shrine of the North American martyrs in upstate New York, the Oratory of St. Joseph

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The Alan Frye Collection, no. 24 – Frye Family Movies

This film is a collection of home movies from around 1950. The film features different events, such as a trip to the beach, a gathering on a roof top in the city, and a stroll in the park. The footage at the end of the film demonstrates a reverse motion effect where the walking toddler

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Too Frightening (Part II)

This amateur film, made by a young Robert Frye, is titled