51st Field Hospital at snowy campsite

A snowy campsite near the mountains in winter (Belgium or Germany?). Men chop and dig at the frozen soil, while others play in the snow. Beatrice and a friend laugh

Members of the 51st Field Hospital receive awards

CU, military man with glasses in front of a curtained window inside a building (could this be the cameraman?). 01:27:04 The nurses of the 51st Field Hospital salute, tents in BG. They march in formation with an American flag. Some nurses are decorated with medals

US troops in Occupied Italy

Shots in harbor, uniformed men. On small boat, rowing boats around. In cave (Blue Grotto, Capri?). On boat, American flag. Shots of land. Sailing boat. 01:03:06 underexposed shots. Garden, flowers, sailors. 01:04:06 Destroyed buildings, military vehicles. Children and military. Beach. 01:05:24 Military playing baseball. “2nd Depot Headquarters” title. Red cross van, military barracks/tents. 01:06:57 Filming

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The Baylor Family Collection, no. 1 – Barnum & Bailey Circus, 1948

This home movie, from the collection of Austin’s John Baylor family, captures the assembly of the of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus Combined Show site in Austin. A number of circus animals are shown while the big top is being constructed, including elephants, tigers, polar bears, miniature ponies, and donkeys.

The Baylor Family Collection, no. 24 – Big Bend, 1978

This home movie from the Baylor family captures a group of young scouts exploring Big Bend National Park and includes scenic shots of Boquillas Canyon and other majestic West Texas landscapes.

The Benson Family Films, no. 1 – Vacation to Rock Hound State Park

This home movie captures the Benson family camping at New Mexico’s Rock Hound State Park, famous for attracting amateur geologists known as “rockhounders” in search of agates and quartz crystal. Among the footage of the mountainous scenery, a family member holds and pets a horny toad, the Texas State reptile.

The Cummings Collection, no. 8 – Leavell Ranch (1968)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family visiting the a dude ranch in the mountains of Colorado, Leavell Ranch, around the time that El Paso’s Leavell family purchased the ranch. The Cummings hunt, fish, camp, and enjoy the sites of the area, including rivers and forests, as they ride on horseback through the

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The Cummings Collection, no. 12 – Airplane Hangar and Colorado (1968)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family visiting an airplane hangar in El Paso where they see different types of airplanes. From there, the family takes a private flight in one of the small planes to go on a hunting and fishing trip in the mountains of Colorado where they camp and ride

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The Coltman Collection, no. 16 – Camping at Huntsville State Park (1969)

This home movie captures scenes of the Coltman family camping in Hunstville State Park near the Sam Houston National Forest and swimming in Lake Raven. Footage of the beautiful pine forests of Southeast Texas is included.

The Coltman Collection, no. 17 – Buescher State Park (1973)

This home movie captures scenes of the Coltman family camping in Buescher State Park, where they enjoy the woods, jump rope, and play in the mud.