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Home Movies: Can 11271: Downtown Detroit, Michigan Scenes, ca. 1962 and 1951

Home movie in two parts. The first, in color, is an impressionistic picture of buildings, streets and people in downtown Detroit, Michigan, presumably shot around 1962. The second, in black and white, shows scenes shot around the 200th anniversary celebration of the city of Detroit, 1951.

The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 8 – Timpson Hallways (1977)

This home movie from 1977 captures scenes from Timpson High School in East Texas. Some students paint a large picture of bear, the school’s mascot, while others congregate in the hallways, dancing and singing.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 70 – TSU Committee Meeting and Commencement (1968)

This home movie contains footage of a committee meeting and lunch, most likely of faculty and administration of Texas Southern University, at El Chico International Restaurant in Houston, Texas in 1968. Scenes that follow portray commencement ceremonies at TSU that year.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 76 – Carter Freeman’s High School Graduation (1976)

This home movie captures scenes of the youngest Freeman child, Carter Freeman, graduating from high school in 1976. The family attends the ceremony and celebrates with Carter.

The Agrasanchez Films, no. 2 – UT Centennial (1983)

This home movie captures scenes of the University of Texas Centennial Celebration in 1983. Students, faculty, and staff gather on the main campus of UT where the Longhorn Band marches up the six pack to kick off the festivities. A formal ceremony follows where the university governance speaks, including university President Peter T. Flawn.

The Lamar B. Kelly Collection, no. 6 – Amherst High Class of ’57 Senior Trip (1957)

This home movie captures scenes of the Amherst High School Class of 1957 senior trip to Silverton, Colorado. The young men and women gather at a home in Amherst before taking off by bus to Colorado. Once there, they enjoy scenic views of the mountains, do some hiking, and spend time in downtown Silverton.

The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 5 – Cristela’s 8th Grade Graduation and Dance (1964)

This home movie captures scenes of Cristela Gonzalez’s 8th grade graduation at St. Joseph’s Church in Houston’s 6th Ward. After a serious ceremony at the church, the kids cut loose at the Gonzalez residence with plenty of dancing.

The Ryan Battle Collection, no. 8 – African-American Elementary School

This home movie captures scenes of a small elementary school class of African-American children taught by African-American teachers in the 1950s. The children sing songs, finger paint, and eat lunch together. This footage is of special significance as very few films exist that document African-American classrooms and schools from this time.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 51 – TSU Campus and Commencement (1970)

This home movie captures scenes from Texas Southern University’s commencement ceremonies in 1970 and Dr. Freeman walking on campus.