Liberation: Germany; Czechoslovakia: Soviet and American Armies

VS, high angle, woman in an overcoat walking down street, man in U.S. Army uniform holding a box, walking down street. Two separate shots of the woman walking. Cut to VS, pan of sky and clouds, for a brief moment a small plane is visible, flying low. Plane on an airstrip, the man in Army

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Destruction in Magdeburg

General views of destruction in Magdeburg. MS man walks bicycle past rubbled facade of buildings, pan left across street to more damaged building frames. MS of smashed streetcars. MCU tilt up damaged building frame, deep blue sky. LS through rubble strewn passage, large steel cylindrical structure in BG. 01:07:03 The Brabag “Gasometer” in Magdeburg. 01:07:14

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Prague; field surgery; London; German submarines

Street scenes, dogs

Street scenes of Vienna. People in Austrian dress, streetcars, bicyclists. A woman (probably Helen Baker) talks to a young man who sells bread from a large basket on his back. She inspects a large round loaf of bread and then tosses it into the air. The donor, Stan Baker, who was sixteen at the time,

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German soldiers; various sights in Germany

German troops and marching band parade, a crowd of German civilians follow. Streetcar, traffic, street scenes in Berlin(?). Mark Jacoby and his father Samuel take a carriage ride. Samuel and Marie kiss. Jacoby family tours garden, poses for a group shot with some kind of equipment (pushcart?). Circular pan of grounds, planting/digging with equipment

Prewar Warsaw: street and family scenes

The camera pans across a bustling street scene, including lots of people, streetcars (one is marked with the number 21), buildings, and a horse-drawn buggy. The large building which dominates the background is the Grand Theater. The streetcar runs along Senatorska Street. An older Jewish man makes faces at the camera and several younger men

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The Edmund D. and Haw Jung Collection – Trip to Dallas and New Orleans (1961)

This home movie from March of 1961 captures scenes of the Jung family’s trip to Dallas and New Orleans. Footage includes shots of the iconic Statler Hilton Hotel, later renamed the Dallas Grand Hotel, and the flagship Neiman Marcus store. In New Orleans, the family visits St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, and Canal Street and

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