Celebration in Luxembourg; Nice, Monaco coastline; returning to New York

History of 303rd Field Artillery

Col. Redding chronicles the progress of the 303rd Field Artillery, primarily in Germany, includes DPs, POWs, and camps for Russian and Polish refugees.;Map of Marienbad. Footage of the spa town around May 5, 1945. Newspaper headlines: VE Day, “Churchill, King George Speak Today.” GIs on lawn in front of hotel. Radio. Roads with released German

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Levy family on SS France – departure and arrival in France

Levy family on the SS France ship from May 21-28, 1927. Crowds gathered on the French Line pier in New York to see the SS France depart on May 21, 1927. New York harbor and Statue of Liberty. At leisure on the boat walking toward the camera: Lou Hartman on left with August Levy;Clara Levy

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Le Havre harbor and on board Normandie ship to the U.S.

Title: “Havre. Homeward Bound on the ‘Normandie’.” Le Havre harbor. HAS, construction of boat, docks. View of the rival ship ‘Queen Mary’ anchored, seen from the deck of ‘Normandie.’ On deck, people on red chaise lounge chairs, man in swimming pool behind. Good view of the Statue of Liberty

Kurtz family and friends approach New York City

Interiors of ship at sea, the four walking down a brightly lit corridor with clock reading 7:03, David Kurtz in a gray suit and short, red, wide-bottomed tie. Window reflection with three women smiling. Extreme LS of distant Statue of Liberty viewed from the S.S. Queen Mary. Pan across New York City skyline. Various posed

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