The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 1 – El Paso Trip, 1939

Beginning at a seemingly sparse airfield in El Paso, this footage from the Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, provides a glimpse into a trip by the family that included visiting Fort Bliss for a military review of mounted cavalry, playing golf, and horseback riding. Particularly noteworthy sections of this film include rodeo events, aerial

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 4 – Family Life (1928)

This home movie of the Hopkins Family captures the family in a number of situations, from on a trip to the northern United States that includes stops in Sandusky, Ohio, and visiting the Irish Hills Towers in Michigan, to a Christmas morning at home in Dallas. Also on the film are snapshots of daily life,

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The Cummings Collection, no. 7 – Horseback Riding

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings children riding horses in their yard and at the stables against the El Paso landscape. The kids ride the horses at a walk, trop, and gallop.

Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – Halloween Square Dance

This home movie captures scenes of a Halloween Square dance in 1959, including shots of festively dressed guests dancing and relaxing. The film also includes footage of a child riding a donkey, the aftermath of a snow storm, an Easter Egg hunt, and a birthday party, which also included square dancing.

Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – Living With Animals

This home movie captures footage of family life on a ranch in 1950s Texas. The film focuses on the family’s interactions with their animals, including riding horses and ponies, playing with dogs and a donkey, and attempting to ride the family goats. There is also footage of the horses and cows on the ranch walking

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