The Marcellus Hartman Collection, no. 22 – Daily Life Around Camp Evans, Vietnam, 1971

Filmed at the Camp Evans military base in Vietnam, this footage captures daily life of the soldiers stationed there, including shots of smoke in the distance near, a local resident, helicopters, and some of the base pets. The Marcellus Hartman Collection consists of over 300 Super 8 films made by Hartman, a Texan, while serving

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Hitler, high officials and entourage at the Berghof

Reel 7 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). According to IWM shotlist, the following individuals appear in this footage: Gustl Schulze-Cossens, Karl Jesko von Puttkammer, Walter Hewel, Albert Bormann, Baldur von Schirach, Heinrich Hoffmann, Khalid al Hud, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner, Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann, Nicolaus von Below, Sepp

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Postwar destruction; liberation of Dachau; DPs going home

***The clip that is viewable online is a selected excerpt from the complete story – timecode 06:06:27 to 06:15:14.***;8mm color and b/w motion pictures taken by Dr. Myron E. Greene (a dentist) during his five years in the Army. His unit took over Dachau from the 45th Div. at noon on April 29, 1945.;Scenes showing

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The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 7 – Interview With the Barnhart Family (1976)

This home movie interview conducted in 1976 captures a conversation with the Barnhart family. The eldest members of the family, the grandmother and grandfather, call up memories from their childhood, from making ice cream with their neighbors to picking cotton.

The Porter Click Family, no. 3 – Family Home Scenes (1942)

This home movie captures scenes of the Click family spending time together in the yard. The kids play games and roughhouse, and the adults sit on the porch and pose for the camera. On several occasions, the Click men can not resist the urge to lift their ladies’ skirts for the camera!

The Ryan Battle Collection, no. 5 – Family and Pets at the Lakehouse (1978)

This home movie captures scenes of the Battle family in 1978 as they relax in the backyard of a house backing up to a lake. The family plays with their dog and happily enjoys cocktails with friends.

The Ryan Battle Collection, no. 1 – Amarillo Tri-State Fair and Rodeo Parade

This home movie captures scenes of the Battle family living and traveling in Texas in the 1950s, most notably attending a parade in Amarillo celebrating the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo. Members of the Battle family go swimming, attend senior prom, participate in marching band, have family picnics, celebrate the holidays at home and with co-workers.

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The Railford H. Burton Collection, no. 3 – Family Travels (1930)

This home movie captures scenes of Texas’ Burton family in 1930, traveling and spending time with family. Scenes of an early airplane taking off, the family at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming, the family at the beach, and the Amereda Geophysical Crew in the field are included.

The Easterwood Family Films, no. 15 – Wheat Farming and Family Reunion (1959)

This home movie captures scenes of combines in wheat fields, agricultural burning of the wheat fields after harvest, an Easterwood family reunion, and a field of Airstream trailers. Likely double exposed on accident, the film nonetheless has a beautiful aesthetic quality due to the resulting etheral layers of picturesque images of farming and family.

The Mary and Morgan Jones Collection – Family Life

This home movie captures a variety of scenes of the Jones