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Yousefi Family Collection, no. 2 – Party Dancing and Singing (2000)

In this home movie, Plano’s Yousefi family visits Iran, and their extended family there throws a party. Several teenagers show off their dance moves, then a man sings a song a soulful song in Persian.

For Janie (2013)

This student film, made by Jonathan Lopez, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, paired with narration from the filmmaker

The Easterwood Family Films, no. 12 – Rural Life

This home movie portrays rural life for the Easterwood family in the 1950s. Focusing primarily on the Easterwoods’ farm, the film captures many scenes of wheat fields, harvests, and farm equipment. Images of horses and ponies roaming in pastures, downtown Dimmitt, and an Easterwood family wedding anniversary celebration are also included.

The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 5 – Trip to Galveston

This home movie from the 1920s captures scenes of the Ketchum family’s visit to Galveston. First they stop by the harbor to see ships unloading their cargo. Next they walk along the seawall and pose in front of the Hotel Galvez. Later footage also includes scenes of the family at their home in Tulsa. Children

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The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 3 – Children Playing and Circus Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures scenes of Galveston’s Ketchum family at their home in Tulsa. Children play on tricycles and a slide in their yard. Later that day, the family makes a trip downtown to watch the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus parade.

The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 1 – Wedding Ceremony and Pram Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures multiple Ketchum family gatherings in Tulsa and Galveston, from a wedding ceremony to a neighborhood parade of children in prams and floats to a trip to the beach. A portion of the footage takes place at the Ketchum’s Galveston residence, the historic Menard House. Michel B. Menard was

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 3 – Bob and Purcell’s Trip to Niagara

This home movie from Texas oilman E.B. Hopkins captures scenes of a May Day celebration, a family vacation to Niagara Falls, home construction, ships on the Houston Ship Channel, and the family swimming at the beach, likely in Galveston. The home movie begins with scenes of young girls going around a Maypole in the spring

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The Ravel Films, no. 2 – Rita’s 6th Birthday (1952)

This home movie from El Paso’s Ravel family captures the family posing for a portrait with new baby Elise, followed by scenes of Rita’s 6th birthday party where children sit around a table in the backyard for a meal and cake.

The Ravel Films, no. 3 – Rita and Jerry Going Western

This home movie from El Paso’s Ravel family captures scenes of Rita and Jerry Ravel participating in what looks like a Go Western Day in the community. The kids pose for the camera in their boots, jeans, and cowboy hats.

The Carolyn Minton Collection – Family 1953-1960

This home movie captures scenes of the three oldest Minton children playing in the backyard of their home in Midland. The film spans from 1953 to 1960 and documents the kids as they grow up, playing on a swing set and with various toys, as well as posing with each other and older members of

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