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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 21 – St. Paul’s College and Seattle, WA

This home movie captures scenes of Thomas F. Freeman traveling to Lawrenceville, Virginia to deliver a lecture at St. Paul’s College, where he is a Stahley Christian Scholar Lecturer, and attend a church dedication. Footage from a trip to Seattle is also included, depicting sweeping shots of the city’s skyscrapers, highways, and waterfront.

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The Tony-Lupe Marquez Collection, no. 1 – Toys for Joy (1999)

This home movie from December of 1999 captures footage of the Marquez family and friends working at a donation center they organized at the “Bomberos” (Firefighters) Fire station in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico for Juarez families in need to receive gifts, blankets, and food. The items were donated by citizens of Alamagordo, New Mexico; El Paso, […]

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The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 13 – Nat Church Homecoming, Part II (1976)

This home movie from 1976 captures scenes from a homecoming event at a church in Nat, a small community northwest of Nacogdoches. At the gathering, a quartet performs a song for the attendees. While the footage does contain sound, the audio is largely absent.

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