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The Alan Frye Collection, no. 11 – TV Ranch Gardener

A visit to the T.V. Ranch garden includes an encounter with Buzz the cat and a gardener hard at work planting seeds.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 50 – Snow in Houston (1973)

This home movie from 1973 captures scenes of a snow-covered Houston, a rare occurrence that caused TSU students and faculty to break into snowball fights on campus and the Freeman family to do the same at home in their yard.

The Earl & Vera Fridley Collection, no. 10 – Fourth of July 1981

The Earl & Vera Fridley collection includes home movies documenting three generations of the Fridley family as they vacation, celebrate special events, and go about everyday life. The films date from the early 1940s through the 1980s. This home movie opens with siblings Sean and Whitney at a Fourth of July picnic and closes with

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The Ludeke Family Collection, no. 4 – Life on the Ranch

James and Joreen Ludeke settled in Wichita County in 1954 and raised their 6 children on their ranch located on the former site of the Four Sixes Horse Ranch and the North West Oil field. Their film collection features scenes of farm life set against a backdrop of North Central Texas prairie, the Red River,

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