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The Mark Stubbs Collection, no. 2 – Lion Cub at the Service Station

In this footage from the Mark Stubbs collection, a group of men and women, including a police officer, gather round at a service center to see a lion cub. In the footage, the gathered people fawn over and pick up the lion cub which seems just as curious about the people as the people are

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The Steve Gomez Collection, no. 10 – Sam Napier Texaco

This home movie captures scenes of a service station in Corpus Christi, Sam Napier Texaco. Service attendants service cars and change tires as customers come and go, a gas tank trunk refills the fuel supply, and men working at a food stand happily drink Coca-Colas.

The Bentsen Film Collection, no. 7 – Edcouch, Texas Parade and Dam

This home movie captures scenes of a parade in Edcouch, Texas where fire engines, men on horseback, floats, and citizens in costume parade through the streets. Scenes of the Bentsen family visiting the Edcouch Dam are also included.