[Whipple–home movies] Reel 27

[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 7

Shot of a cover of a book that reads: Second Eclectic Reader. Shot of title page. Hands flip through the book and stop on a page. Close-up of text and a pointer pen follow words to “Mary’s Lamb”. Cuts to shot of a live baby lamb. Back to text. Shot of little girl “Mary” walking

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 4

Blindfolded man follows blindfolded boy around a table in middle of seated audience. Intertitle: “WALTZ CIRCLE” followed by couples dancing (waltzing) and a shot of the musicians playing. Intertitle: “THE LANCERS” followed by shot of lancers dancing. Intertitle: “OBSTACLE RACE” followed by shot of men putting on layers of clothing, and carrying various objects in

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 5

Shot of children dressed up, standing together holding rolled paper with ribbons tied around documents (diplomas or certificates). Dark shot of boys in tuxedos or suits standing one by one to acknowledge the camera. Musicians playing. Men, women, boys, girls all sit around the dance hall, are served refreshments from younger boys. Students get diplomas

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 6

Hockey. Intertitle: “THIS TEAM, ‘THE BOYS’ PLAYED HARD.” followed by shot of boys’ team. Intertitle: “BUT THIS TEAM, ‘THE FACULTY’ WON.” followed by shot of faculty team. Footage of game. Suited young men gather in group on steps of a building, walk by camera one at a time, and then puts a shovel of dirt

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 3

Beginning is an exact duplicate of reel one – see 0738.0001. Only exception: The Intertitle “IT’S BEAUTIFUL! BUT HARD ON THE OXEN” appears backwards in this reel. Duplication ends with white screen pause. Shot of four horses pulling large wooden sleigh. Men and others approach sleigh. Shot of sleight going by full of men. Boy

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[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “A TRIP AROUND WAYSIDE INN FEBRUARY 5, 1932.” Intertitle: “REAL WINTER AT LAST” followed by men and boys shoveling grounds. Intertitle: “SHOVELING OUT THE INN” followed by men and boys shoveling pathways, a shot of the Inn, snowy grounds and trees. Intertitle: “THE PINE BOWS UNDER ITS’ [sic] WHITE MANTLE” followed by shot of

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[S.D. Kelsey–home movies] Reel 10

[S.D. Kelsey–home movies] Reel 11

[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 3, Accession 2526

Can notes: “Bill’s Summers at Camp Great East Lodge And Senior Year at Gould Academy;Diving at Camp;Camp Waterfront Scenes;Rifle Range + Mts.;Camping Trip over Presidential Range;Scenes about Camp;Gould Academy, Bethel ME Various Buildings;Foot Ball Game;Bill Graduates. Shots of men diving into lake. Many men and boys gathered on dock watching diving, two men in boat.

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