Bailey Island–King Family–home movies. Reel 12

Compiled color home movies of the King family traveling and at play, with many scenes at the beach.

Bailey Island–King Family–home movies. Reel 19

[Maine Sea Coast Mission–production outtakes] Reel 5

These scenes appearing in this reel are outtakes or duplicates of scenes from the edited films produced by The Maine Sea Coast Mission View of a coastal lighthouse, Sunbeam pulling a mooring near an island, and the lighthouse at Mt. Desert Rock. Winter views of a bell buoy tipped over with weight of snow in

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[Luther G. Holbrook – home movies] Reel 2

Views of a rocky shoreline with wave crashing over the rocks. In Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, a small iceberg has been towed in, and pieces are hauled up onto the dock with a winch, then dragged to an icehouse to be stored and used for packing salmon for shipping to England and Canada. Views

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[Luther G. Holbrook – home movies] Reel 3

View of Inuit at the wheel of the Bowdoin (perhaps the same as seen in Reel 2). Views of a tent camp with Inuit families and dogs occupying the tents on a rocky shoreline. Dogs are sitting around, skins are drying on the guy ropes of the tents. Families pose for the camera. One of

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[Luther G. Holbrook – home movies] Reel 4

Views of snowy, mountainous coast. CUs of shore birds on rocky cliffs. The motorized launched is alongside the Bowdoin, and is then cast off, and passengers wave as them leave. Views of several dories near the rocky shoreline, and pan up to the shore. Views from the stern on board Bowdoin as a large military

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[Luther G. Holbrook – home movies] Reel 1

Views of the schooner Bowdoin tied to the dock in Portland, Maine, June 16, 1934. Many visitors are on board, and the dock is crowded with visitors and family members of the crew on departure day. Nine young crew members pose on deck. Luther Holbrook is on far left, squatting. Other members of the crew

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[Camp Chewonki] Reel 1

Boys on jungle gym, waving to camera. Campers in shirts with Cs on them. Wrestling. Round Top Farms cows and pasture. Fields with cows. Farm men gathering hay in horse-drawn wagon. One man driving a tractor gathers mown grass for pick-up. Campers dressed with scarves on head play follow the leader (theatrical, arms waving, dancing,

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[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2533

Can notes “Aegean Cruise Corinth Reel 4 b&w” Intertitle: “Homeward bound via Patras, where a diver goes down to stop a leak in the hull.; Views of passengers sitting on the rear deck while Ramah is underway. Views of sails, rail, rigging while underway. A large traditional Mediterranean fishing/sailboat sails away from Ramah and into

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[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 6, Accession 2533

Can notes: ” Aegean Cruise Reel 1 Naples-Delphi” Ramah was a 97 ft. schooner owned by Alexander Forbes. He sailed it to Labrador in 1931, and took an all-male amateur crew, including his brother Edward and other relatives from Cape Cod to Naples, Italy, in the summer of 1933. He left the ship there for

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