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[Luther G. Holbrook – home movies] Reel 2

Views of a rocky shoreline with wave crashing over the rocks. In Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, a small iceberg has been towed in, and pieces are hauled up onto the dock with a winch, then dragged to an icehouse to be stored and used for packing salmon for shipping to England and Canada. Views

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[Camp Chewonki] Reel 1

Boys on jungle gym, waving to camera. Campers in shirts with Cs on them. Wrestling. Round Top Farms cows and pasture. Fields with cows. Farm men gathering hay in horse-drawn wagon. One man driving a tractor gathers mown grass for pick-up. Campers dressed with scarves on head play follow the leader (theatrical, arms waving, dancing,

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[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2533

Can notes “Aegean Cruise Corinth Reel 4 b&w” Intertitle: “Homeward bound via Patras, where a diver goes down to stop a leak in the hull.; Views of passengers sitting on the rear deck while Ramah is underway. Views of sails, rail, rigging while underway. A large traditional Mediterranean fishing/sailboat sails away from Ramah and into

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