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The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 3 – Old Mexico Trip, 1940

Captured in this home movie from the Hunt Family Collection is a trip to Mexico City, highlights of which include the Diego Rivera home, the floating gardens of Xochimilco, and a bullfight.

The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 1 – El Paso Trip, 1939

Beginning at a seemingly sparse airfield in El Paso, this footage from the Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, provides a glimpse into a trip by the family that included visiting Fort Bliss for a military review of mounted cavalry, playing golf, and horseback riding. Particularly noteworthy sections of this film include rodeo events, aerial

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Postwar Europe: destruction; burial; Berchtesgaden

Home movies filmed during the liberation of Germany. Chicken in grass. Milt Ramoy talking, with Earl Soltan, a German woman, and other soldiers. Milt with a typewriter. 03:59:24 Bombed rubble of German village, remains of buildings. LS, field, convoy of military vehicles. Tank traps built by the Germans line the fields to prevent US tanks

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U.S. soldiers stateside; providing first aid to German prisoners; war damage in France; refugees load carts; captured Germans; softball

(b/w) Amphibious landing drill at Martha’s Vineyard (1943). U.S. soldiers stand on a beach and load a small artillery piece and a jeep onto an amphibious transport. The jeep hood is marked with a star, and the transport is marked LCV68. The transport takes off. Another boat marked LCV92 comes to shore and soldiers step

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U.S. soldiers in Germany; ruins; mass grave; leisure activities

Picture is extremely dark and it is difficult to make out what it is – could be piles of bodies at a camp near a barbed wire fence or some kind of military encampment. Interior of a trailer with a personal effects (gloves, photograph of a woman hanging by the window, books, pistol and holster)

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11th US Armored Division Advances

The 11th US Armored Division’s advances through England, France, and Germany. Includes scenes of burning villages, surrendering enemies, tanks in fields.;Black and white: US Army headquarters in England, pan of buildings. Skyline, factory, US soldiers on boat. Woman bicycling on path. LS, from train, Southhampton waterfront, warehouses, Cherbourg harbor, countryside. 01:03:45 Handing cigarettes and candy

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51st Field Hospital at camp, visiting ruins, and advancing into Belgium or Germany

Two women sunbathe, while other personnel of the 51st Field Hospital relax at camp, either in Belgium or Germany in early fall 1944 [The 51st Field Hospital entered Belgium on September 9 and Roetgen, Germany on September 16]. Beatrice digs a foxhole. A soldier plays a violin and sings by a foxhole. 01:15:21 51st Field

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Destruction in Magdeburg

General views of destruction in Magdeburg. MS man walks bicycle past rubbled facade of buildings, pan left across street to more damaged building frames. MS of smashed streetcars. MCU tilt up damaged building frame, deep blue sky. LS through rubble strewn passage, large steel cylindrical structure in BG. 01:07:03 The Brabag “Gasometer” in Magdeburg. 01:07:14

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Ruins in Munich

Views of Munich, probably postwar [film stock dates to 1943]. Street scenes show destroyed buildings and piles of rubble. Short clip of the Bcrgerbrcukeller, the site of the Beer Hall Putsch where Adolf Hitler and the Kampfbund attempted a coup d’ctat in 1923.;01:01:02 John Bechtler gets into an army truck (labeled 206008425.) A brief clip

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Ruins of Nuremberg; Flag-raising

Man drives Army vehicle up into an airplane. MS, soldier. Airplane. Soldier kneeling on the ground folding a map. Pan of massive postwar destruction in Nuremberg(?). Buildings are piles of rubble, houses have been burnt and destroyed. Soldiers walk amongst the destruction. Frames of buildings stand. MS, church with half-walls, piles of debris from bombs

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