Dassler-Lichte wedding, July 1941–Dassler family–home movies. Reel 17

Car ride, trains, Boothbay, February 1927–Arthur Race–home movies. Reel 1

Camping, canoeing, Maine–Arthur Race–home movies. Reel 8

Awinita’s cruise–Dassler family–home movies. Reels 18-19

[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2526

Can notes: “Trips + Travels;Marion knits at Kidney Pond;Dam on Souadabscook Stream;Falls + Bridge on West Branch;Mt. Katahdin from Foot Bridge;Stuck in Stream – Dam the Beavers.;A. Whitehorse + Guide Lisle at Holeb Falls Camp on Moose River;A. Whitehorse + Guide Russ? [sic] Rapids;Attean Lake Camp;P.W.H. at Attean Lake Camp;Marion and PWH Cross James River

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[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 5, Accession 2523

Intertitle: “Events About Town ’38 (Reel No. 2)” Allan Sim Florist billboard. Intertitle: “The boss himself with a bunch of the Best” followed by a shot of a man with flowers in front of windows. Rows of flowers in a greenhouse. Intertitle: “Mrs. ‘Boss’ in Background Easter Morning” followed by shot of a woman at

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[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 4

A shot of some wreckage. Footage of fireman spraying water on a burning building in winter interspersed with shots of an icicle covered fire engine with its ladder extended. Intertitle: “May” Extensive footage of the fire that struck Nashua, NH, in May of 1930 and the damage it caused including shots of a burning bridge

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[Manley Nelson–home movies] Reel 1

Can Descriptions Date from edge codes on film. // Note in can: ‘Desert of Maine. Nelson family on vacation. Poland Spring House with golf. Fish hatchery (?). Branch Pond in fall foliage. Spirit of Maine train in Augusta. Freedom train. Parade at Branch Mills fall. Memorial dedication.’ // Footage of the Desert of Maine. Golf

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[Cameron Bradley–home movies] Reel J

Home Movie: 10805: The Key System

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