The Marcellus Hartman Collection, no. 22 – Daily Life Around Camp Evans, Vietnam, 1971

Filmed at the Camp Evans military base in Vietnam, this footage captures daily life of the soldiers stationed there, including shots of smoke in the distance near, a local resident, helicopters, and some of the base pets. The Marcellus Hartman Collection consists of over 300 Super 8 films made by Hartman, a Texan, while serving

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[Home Movie: Fulbeck Family, Christmas 1976]

The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 7 – Daily Life

This home movie provides a look into the lives of the Withers family as they carry on with their routines of work and play. Included amongst these images are cheerleaders practicing or at a small football game and trail riders headed to the Fat Stock Show in Houston. The bulk of the footage is of

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The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 8 – Leisure Time

This clip, salvaged from a larger damaged home movie reel, captures the Withers family at leisure – playing in the yard, at a baseball game, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in the shadow of an oil well, and being entertained by a pair of ducklings, possibly on Easter morning.

Picón Family Memories – Diane Singing, Dancing, Playing

This 1970s-era home movie filmed by the Picón family in San Angelo depicts moments in the life of their young daughter Diane, starting with a Christmas morning, where she received a microphone, followed by various scenes of her performing with that gift, dancing with her grandmother, and playing with the family dog.

The Grimes Family Films – Puppies! (1956-1957)

This home movie from the Grimes Family Films captures scenes of a birthday celebration and two Christmas mornings. It also shows the young Grimes daughter playing with small puppies, and the brother and sister playing together in a backyard pool.

The Frick 70s Collection, no. 3 – Life of the Christmas Tree 1

This home movie from the Frick Collection captures the family at home in the Houston area, complete with puppies and a caged raccoon. The film concludes with footage of Linda and company looking for and cutting down their Christmas tree. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of

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The Coltman Collection, no. 9 – Six Flags Over Texas, 1971

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures the family’s trip to the Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. Highlights include a dolphin show, the carousel, and train and boat rides. There is also footage of I35.

The Porter Click Family, no. 6 – San Antonio Workers, Coast, and Ft. Sam

This home movie from the Click family captures scenes of workers in San Antonio in factories and warehouses, driving trucks, taking smoke breaks, and making sausage. Most scenes are of Swift Meatpack Plant where Amelia

Quanah Parker Family Collection – Birthday party, M & M Playground

This home movie from the 1950s captures scenes of a birthday party, the family’s two boys playing at a playground, playing with the family pets, learning to build a fire and encountering snow. It also includes footage of a family visit to a graveyard to visit a loved one’s grave site. Donor Quanah Parker’s great-grandfather

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