The Marcellus Hartman Collection, no. 22 – Daily Life Around Camp Evans, Vietnam, 1971

Filmed at the Camp Evans military base in Vietnam, this footage captures daily life of the soldiers stationed there, including shots of smoke in the distance near, a local resident, helicopters, and some of the base pets. The Marcellus Hartman Collection consists of over 300 Super 8 films made by Hartman, a Texan, while serving

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The Horak Family Collection, no. 6 – Home Movie Compilation

This home movie from the Horak Family collection provides a glimpse into the family’s daily life in El Paso. Children on their way to school pose and walk for the camera, as does police officer C.J. Horak on his way to his motorcycle. Also captured is a rodeo parade featuring marching bands, baton twirlers and

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The Frick 70s Collection, no. 3 – Life of the Christmas Tree 1

This home movie from the Frick Collection captures the family at home in the Houston area, complete with puppies and a caged raccoon. The film concludes with footage of Linda and company looking for and cutting down their Christmas tree. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of

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The Coltman Collection, no. 9 – Six Flags Over Texas, 1971

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures the family’s trip to the Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. Highlights include a dolphin show, the carousel, and train and boat rides. There is also footage of I35.

The Porter Click Family, no. 6 – San Antonio Workers, Coast, and Ft. Sam

This home movie from the Click family captures scenes of workers in San Antonio in factories and warehouses, driving trucks, taking smoke breaks, and making sausage. Most scenes are of Swift Meatpack Plant where Amelia

The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 4 – Lucy’s Wedding and Apollo XI Parade (1969)

This home movie from Houston captures scenes of a Gonzalez family wedding and the welcome home parade for the astronauts of Apollo XI following the moon landing of July 20, 1969. Scenes of an exuberant Lucy Gonzalez exiting the church open the film before the ticker tape parade down Main Street in Houston. The parade

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The Porter Click Family, no. 3 – Family Home Scenes (1942)

This home movie captures scenes of the Click family spending time together in the yard. The kids play games and roughhouse, and the adults sit on the porch and pose for the camera. On several occasions, the Click men can not resist the urge to lift their ladies’ skirts for the camera!

The Ryan Battle Collection, no. 1 – Amarillo Tri-State Fair and Rodeo Parade

This home movie captures scenes of the Battle family living and traveling in Texas in the 1950s, most notably attending a parade in Amarillo celebrating the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo. Members of the Battle family go swimming, attend senior prom, participate in marching band, have family picnics, celebrate the holidays at home and with co-workers.

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The Jon Montgomery Collection, no. 12 – Seeing the Sights in Austin and San Antonio (1966)

This home movie captures scenes of of the Montgomerys being tourists in Austin in San Antonio. In Austin, the couple visits the Texas State Capitol, then enjoys the University of Texas at Austin campus. In San Antonio, they go to the Alamo, Mission San Jos

The Rogelio D. Quinones Collection, no. 5 – 1950

This home movie captures scenes of an El Paso family in 1950. Of special note are scenes of the family at the historic Old Juarez Racetrack the day before the first Mexican road race from Juarez to the Guatemala border. In addition to the classic cars seen ready to race, the footage is significant as

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