The Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, no. 1 – El Paso Trip, 1939

Beginning at a seemingly sparse airfield in El Paso, this footage from the Ernest M. Hunt Family Film Collection, provides a glimpse into a trip by the family that included visiting Fort Bliss for a military review of mounted cavalry, playing golf, and horseback riding. Particularly noteworthy sections of this film include rodeo events, aerial

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The Herrera Family Collection, no. 4 – Family Wedding (1989)

This home movie captures scenes of a wedding ceremony in 1989 where a member of El Paso

Dr. Freeman Reflects on His Relationship with Barbara Jordan

This video, produced by TAMI, is composed of excerpts from an informal interview with Dr. Freeman voiced over a home movie from his film collection. As scenes play of Barbara Jordan receiving an honorary doctorate at Texas Southern University, Dr. Freeman describes how he met Jordan and his unique relationship with her that spanned several

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The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 16 – Knights of Columbus Procession, 1962

This home movie from the Ramon Galindo collection captures a Knights of Columbus procession into Austin’s St. Mary’s Cathedral for Mass, and scenes at home of a young boy, Gary Valdez, playing the piano and children Sam Cesarez and Little Sammy dancing.

The John and Alois Morkovsky Collection, no. 22 – Monsignor Alois Morkovsky’s 50th Anniversary, 1974

This home movie from the Morkovsky collection mainly captures the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Monsignor Alois Morkovsky’s ordination to the priesthood. Held on June 2, 1974, the event took place at Queen of the Holy Rosary Church in Hostyn, Texas; Alois was ordained on June 1, 1924 at St. John’s Seminary in San

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 9 – Family Celebrations and Texas Happenings (1937-38)

This home movie features a number of Hopkins family celebrations and happenings around Texas in 1937 and 1938. The film opens with the wedding of E.B. Hopkins’s eldest daughter, Amy, to Ted Fitch. Next, E.B. Hopkins tours the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas’ Fair Park, focusing on buildings such as the Hall of State, the

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The Elmore Family Collection – Golf and Baylor Graduation in Waco

This home movie captures scenes of the Waco Municipal Golf Course and a Baylor University graduation ceremony in the 1940s. Scenes of a group of men and one lady practicing driving on the Waco golf course are followed by scenes of family members gathering on the Baylor campus for commencement.

The Agrasanchez Films, no. 2 – UT Centennial (1983)

This home movie captures scenes of the University of Texas Centennial Celebration in 1983. Students, faculty, and staff gather on the main campus of UT where the Longhorn Band marches up the six pack to kick off the festivities. A formal ceremony follows where the university governance speaks, including university President Peter T. Flawn.

The Jimmy Mitchell Family Films, no. 5 – Birthdays and the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Final Review (1957)

This home movie captures scenes of the Mitchell family celebrating birthdays, dancing at home, visiting with friends and family, and going swimming. In one scene, two of the Mitchell girls dress in flapper dresses and dance the Charleston in the living room. The family also visits Texas A&M University where they observe the Corps of

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The Cummings Collection, no. 6 – California and Fort Bliss Cavalry Parade (1940-47)

This home movie captures scenes of the Cummings family vacationing to the ocean on the coast of California. There, they visit the site of the Golden Gate International Exposition, a part of the World’s Fair. Back home in El Paso, the family goes to Fort Bliss where they watch the Cavalry Parade.