Third Congress of the Central Committee of the Liberated Jews in the U.S. Zone of Germany

INT, meeting of the Third Congress of the She’erit ha-Pletah in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Shots of Jewish DPs (orthodox and secular) in attendance, the press, voting, speakers, and the stage with featured participants. Spectators touring a photograph exhibition. 01:02:53 Short dark sequence of Yizkor ceremony, followed by more images of the exhibition, including CUs of

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The Cecil Camp Family Collection, no. 1 – Dealey Plaza and JFK Assassination News Coverage (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of Dealey Plaza after President Kennedy

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 10 – National Air Races and Aeronautical Exposition

In this home movie from 1928, E.B. Hopkins attends the inaugural National Air Races and Aeronautical Exposition. Held at Mines Field—now the Los Angeles International Airport—from September 8 to 16, the carnival featured stunt shows, races, and prototype demonstrations. According to Time Magazine, 400,000 people attended the festivities, and $5 million worth of airplanes were

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The Hackney Family Collection, no. 4 – President Kennedy

In the era before VCRs and DVRs, a person who wanted to record an event off of the television could do so by pointing the film camera towards the screen. Events captured in this manner tend to be significant world events that the filmmaker felt strongly about saving for the future. In this case, the

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