Postwar Europe: destruction; burial; Berchtesgaden

Home movies filmed during the liberation of Germany. Chicken in grass. Milt Ramoy talking, with Earl Soltan, a German woman, and other soldiers. Milt with a typewriter. 03:59:24 Bombed rubble of German village, remains of buildings. LS, field, convoy of military vehicles. Tank traps built by the Germans line the fields to prevent US tanks

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11th US Armored Division Advances

The 11th US Armored Division’s advances through England, France, and Germany. Includes scenes of burning villages, surrendering enemies, tanks in fields.;Black and white: US Army headquarters in England, pan of buildings. Skyline, factory, US soldiers on boat. Woman bicycling on path. LS, from train, Southhampton waterfront, warehouses, Cherbourg harbor, countryside. 01:03:45 Handing cigarettes and candy

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Mauthausen liberated by 11th US Armored Division

The 11th US Armored Division’s advances through Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Austria. Includes scenes of surrendering enemies and the liberation of Mauthausen.;Color: Countryside from moving tank. Liberation of German town: flames, civilians, some waving white flags, church. Views of German civilians from tank as US army passes through, 2 men with armbands carry a Red Cross

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Postwar: Verdoner children emigrate to the US on a ship

CU, Yoka and Francisca Verdoner on the deck of a ship SS Gripsholm bound for the USA. This footage was shot post war, the Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz and perished during the war. CU, all three Verdoner children arm in arm on deck- Francisca, Yoka and Otto.

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Postwar: Verdoner family at the beach

EXT, Yoka Verdoner playing table tennis. Francisca Verdoner walking among cabanas at the beach in Zandvoort, near Haarlem, the Verdoner family’s summer vacation spot. This footage was shot post war. The Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz where she perished. CU of the children at the beach. Yoka and

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Kan family postwar in US: Robert’s child

Color. Robert gets into a car, out of the car, and walks to the house. Robert walks out of a house with a boy. They walk down the sidewalk and wave. LS, mother in the doorway of the house. She then walks toward the camera. The boy gets into a car and sits in the

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Frits & Jeanne Kan during postwar in US

Color. Jeanne walks towards the camera, wearing a fur coat and hat. Frits walks towards the camera. Jeanne gets onto a plane

Kan family life in US during postwar

Color. EXT, row of houses along a street. “B.H. Sanders” on the side of a mailbox. INT, Betsy? holding baby. Front of a house, women and baby exit the house. MS of Betsy? holding baby. Baby in the stroller, Betsy? and her mother-in-law walk down the street (similar to 01:04:01 on Tape 2478). INT and

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Kan family: children play in US postwar

Color. Child in a snow suit shovels snow into a red wagon. Child plays in the snow and builds a snowman. 01:17:32 Backyard in the spring – child plays with a beach ball. Child and women (Betsy and Jeanne?) walk along the side of a street with houses and cherry/apple trees in the lawns

Kan family in US postwar: high school graduation