Celebration in Luxembourg; Nice, Monaco coastline; returning to New York

Agro-joint colonies in the Crimea

See Tape 2847 for the first part of this footage. Dr. Yefim Lubarsky, vice-president of the Agro-Joint, presents flowers to Pauline Baerwald Falk and Evelyn Morrissey (see Biographical/Historical Notes field for the background on this trip.). The women smile at the camera. Scene of a grassy field shot from a moving car. Scenes showing one

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Liberation: Luxembourg, Cologne; US Army soldiers; wounded men; field hospital

US Army soldiers on Omaha Beach, France

MS, parade of soldiers in naval uniforms march through city streets (unidentified army) carrying rifles. An awning sign reads: “HAMILTON and BELL.” Another store sign reads: “HUINS.” To the left, a banner hangs from a window: “SOLDIER TO SOLDIER” with drawings of a marching soldier on either side of the banner. A different group of

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Cohen-Paraira family in the city before the war

Ellis and her brother Abraham pose in front of blooming tree, probably in Scheveningen in 1938. Deer grazing at a park in the Hague. David with Ellis and Marian Viskoop, a family friend later killed at Sobibor. 01:10:33 A pier close to the family home on Maastrichtsestraat in Scheveningen, “SCH” on the boats. 01:10:37 Good

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