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[Lauren K. Woods—home movies] Reel 5

Brief shot sign on road “Turn Right for Lakewood. 200 Yds to theatre, bungalows…America’s Foremost Dramatic….Consecutive Years…”;Pan buildings at Lakewood, and woods nearby, and especially the large theater building. See sign for “Shanty Lunch,” pergola near the lake, environs around. People swimming in lake, sign “Bungalow Service.” Various cast members pose for camera. The Lakewood

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[Lauren K. Woods—home movies] Reel 2

Toddler in snowsuit and boots walks around outside for camera. Interior shots of child in crib with book, light and shadows. Views of infant laying in crib.;Pan wall of photos in Lakewood Theater with placard “Now Playing…Fly Away Home”. Various views on street, family dog, friends posing for camera. Train comes into station in Madison,

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[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 6, Accession 1902

Notes from titles: “Boston Skating Club Carnival 1937 and 1938”; Intertitle: “Boston Skating Club Carnival 1937”; Choreographed dance of young women in pink tulle costumes dancing through columns on stage, etc. Ballet on ice by male and female skaters. Several skaters in dragon costume, and soloists in Japanese costumes.; Intertitle: “1938 Carnival”; Group skating, soloists,

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