London street scenes with automobile and bus traffic, circa 1935-1939 when Kurt Ehrenfeld had been living there to attend high school while his family remained in Nazi Germany. MS, in Hyde Park on Oxford Street. Bus advertising “Give Havana Cigars” passes the Marble Arch. Crowds at Speakers’ Corner. Camera follows a tall man with a

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Sightseeing in Paris; women modeling new dresses

Another day, showing monument/great building, two women with another German officer. Focus on one (not the same woman as shown previously), who is smiling and laughing. She tips her hat to the camera. 01:05:18 in a park. Two women from the previous scene are laughing and swinging on a swing set, standing up. An older

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Touring Paris

Jacoby family tours Paris. CUs, pan up Eiffel Tower. Various sights in Paris: EXTs of buildings, statues. French on streets. “John Baillie” tailor shop. Opera House. Traffic. Cafe la Paix. Street scenes. Brasserie. S. Raphael (hotel) car. Champs d’Elysee. Arc de Triomphe. Obelisk in Place de la Concorde. Street scenes, civilians, gardens with pond &

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Prewar Warsaw: street and family scenes

The camera pans across a bustling street scene, including lots of people, streetcars (one is marked with the number 21), buildings, and a horse-drawn buggy. The large building which dominates the background is the Grand Theater. The streetcar runs along Senatorska Street. An older Jewish man makes faces at the camera and several younger men

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Unger family visits their Jewish relatives in a Polish village

A young boy, Sy Unger, wrestles and kicks a dog in a field. Kalman Unger (man with a long beard) walks throughout the village. CU of the brick house the Ungers live in, a source of pride in a town where most houses are made of mud. Camera pans over the small town of Niebylec,

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Family relaxes in a park in prewar Olomouc while Hanna plays

Hanna with a baby carriage is on camera briefly. Benedikt, Ella, and other adults (Ella’s relatives) walk down a path. They are all sitting on park benches. Hanna runs about as the adults talk. CUs, adults. Shots of all of the people there. Hanna puts things into a garbage can

Visiting a park, eating indoors, and playing with a dog toy in prewar Olomouc

The adults (Ella’s family) are outside, dressed for colder weather, walking on the edge of a wooded area/park. City of Olomouc. A few seconds later they are indoors again, with the children, first they are eating at the table with Grandma Karolina Ziegler (left), then Hanna is being carried by Terry Tugenhart, playing with dolls.

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Children play in a park in prewar Olomouc

Hanna and Harriet (a cousin from her mother’s family?) stands at the edge of a park in Olmuetz, jumping off a small stump. A post sign appears at 01:48:54 but it is illegible

Lieberman family at the park in prewar Olomouc

In very grainy footage, Hanna runs about, holding a stick and clothed for warmth in a park in Olmuetz. The family walks towards the camera. Then dressed for spring, jumping off a stoop with Harriet

De Groot family visits Sonsbeek Park in spring 1939

A dog, then large groups of well dressed people walking in Sonsbeek Park on a pathway next to massive flowerbeds of various colors. This was the first time that flower bulbs were planted in Sonsbeek, which merited the purchase of color film by Meijer de Groot. This was the only color film he made. Sophia

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