Jewish life in prewar Kovno, Riga, and Lvov

Prewar footage (home movies) of the Katz family in 1929.;Kovno street scenes. VAR CUs of Katz family strolling along Laisves al., showing Dita’s mother Liola, grandfather, brother, uncle, and grandmother. 01:00:34 MS EXT of the grandfather’s wholesale trade store – C. KACAS – on Presidento gatve. Here, the family sold typewriters, sewing machines, and bicycles.

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Unger family bids farewell to relatives in Polish village

Grainy footage of the Polish Ungers standing by the sitting American Ungers. The little Unger cousins peer at the camera and roam about. Camera pans over the forest in the BG and lumber in the FG. 01:25:47 Monument in the middle of the village of Niebylec. The local constable walks by the camera. A man

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Warsaw Jewish quarter, prewar

Title: “The Jewish Ghetto.” Exquisite color footage of Jews in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, EXTs, sunny day. Steady pan of Jews mingling in the streets, milling about, shops line the streets in the BG, signs in Polish. Two men dressed in shambles sleeping on the curb. MS, group of old and young Jews, boys

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Orthodox Jews in Biecz, Poland

In Biecz, Poland, 1936, pan of town, street scenes, CUs Jewish boys, including Mendel Halpern on left at 00:09:43 and 00:09:45 (boy with curls). Town hall, Orthodox Jews. Fast pan of shops, streets, pavillion, Jews, the boy Mendel Halpern (00:10:10), Hebrew writing on building EXT, Library. More pan of the village

Second Unger family visit to Polish village

The Unger family and townspeople stand around a car in the village of Niebylec. They stand in a group with Yankel;Morris sports a straw hat. Sitting in a car, Ethel poses with Kalman. The family departs in a buggy to visit friends in the countryside. The family is greeted by their friends. CU of Kalman

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