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U.S. soldiers in Germany; ruins; mass grave; leisure activities

Picture is extremely dark and it is difficult to make out what it is – could be piles of bodies at a camp near a barbed wire fence or some kind of military encampment. Interior of a trailer with a personal effects (gloves, photograph of a woman hanging by the window, books, pistol and holster)

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Meeting of German soldiers

INT of an office where a meeting is being held. Camera pans around the table, showing perhaps a dozen men, mostly German officers, smoking and a female secretary (one of the women seen earlier?) Maps on the wall. Some men in civilian clothes (French collaborators?) Marked map on the wall, one of the Germans (shown

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Warehouse operations in the Dutch East Indies

In Batavia, the former capital of the Dutch East Indies [Batavia is now Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia] EXT white stucco building from across a street. People in a wagon and riding bicycles pass from right to left. CU, building with the name Lehmann and Co. above the doorway. Black car pulls up to the

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Gathering of Gombiner Jews in New York

Gathering of Gombiner Jews in New York. VAR shots, group of Jews on “Hendrick Hudson” boat cruising the Hudson River from New York City to Albany, NY on the Hudson River Day Line. Women and men with small luggage, at harbor. In park in Albany, waving, poking fun at the camera, jumping rope, dancing. 01:06:23

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 28 – TSU Staff Holiday Party (1972)

This home movie captures scenes of TSU staff members opening presents and eating cake to celebrate Christmas at the office holiday party in 1972.

The Chambliss and Britton Collection, no. 4 – Austin Trip (c. 1971)

This home movie captures scenes of a family trip to Austin circa 1971. Images of many Austin landmarks are included, such as the Texas State Capitol Building, the UT Tower, Texas Memorial Stadium, the Austin-American Statesman offices, and a newly-opened LBJ Presidential Library.