Jewish life in prewar Kovno, Riga, and Lvov

Prewar footage (home movies) of the Katz family in 1929.;Kovno street scenes. VAR CUs of Katz family strolling along Laisves al., showing Dita’s mother Liola, grandfather, brother, uncle, and grandmother. 01:00:34 MS EXT of the grandfather’s wholesale trade store – C. KACAS – on Presidento gatve. Here, the family sold typewriters, sewing machines, and bicycles.

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Public humiliation for violation of racial laws in Silesia, 1941

Public humiliation of a young couple guilty of “Rassenschande” [racial shame or racial defilement] in Steinsdorf [present day Scinawa Nyska, Poland] in Silesia. Sexual relations between Germans and non-Aryans were forbidden and punishable by law in Nazi Germany. Bronia, a 16 year old Polish slave laborer, had been working with Gerhard Greschok (Krzeszczok), a 19

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51st Field Hospital at camp, visiting ruins, and advancing into Belgium or Germany

Two women sunbathe, while other personnel of the 51st Field Hospital relax at camp, either in Belgium or Germany in early fall 1944 [The 51st Field Hospital entered Belgium on September 9 and Roetgen, Germany on September 16]. Beatrice digs a foxhole. A soldier plays a violin and sings by a foxhole. 01:15:21 51st Field

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Queen’s Day parade; visiting a deer park in the Hague

Crowded parade in the Netherlands, probably for Queen’s Day [Koninginnedag] on April 30, most likely in 1938. Floats proceed around a corner, shop sign, “J. Wagema…” visible in BG. Group of butchers in white march together holding a sign reading (in part) “De Platte Rib” with a drawing of a pig and hanging sausage links.

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U.S. Army soldiers; surgery; hospital; Gen. Patton; liberated villagers

Schermeister family in prewar Denmark

Schermeister family in Denmark before WWII, walking in and out of the door to their small wooden vacation home in Snekkersten. A mezuzah is affixed to the doorway. The donor’s great-grandmother, Franzisca Josies Cohen, wearing a large striped scarf. Her daughter Ida, a professional violinist, plays the violin. The other woman in a trenchcoat in

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World War I soldiers celebrate Regiments’ Day in Dusseldorf

Title: “Der 8. Regimentstag des Bundes ehem. 172er am 28-30 Juli 1934 in Dcsseldorf”. Second title frame reads: “Film Aufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp Fritz Jasper”. Animated cards and titles throughout. Two men holding a sign before a newspaper kiosk on a city street. Former soldiers of the 172nd Regiment from World War I gather in

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Military personnel return home

High views of military personnel packed tightly on the deck of a large ship. A man plays a piano and people sing. Scenes from the boat deck. American flag at mast. Captain Beatrice Wachter departed Europe for the United States on November 21, 1945

Family life in Pirna, Germany

DIE PIRNSCHEN – AUGUST 1936. This film shows Alfred “Fred” Hess at home with his wife Trude and two daughters Ursula and Luise. WITH FORK AND KNIFE. CUs, Luise eating. AFTER DINNER, LITTLE TEARS AND LITTLE TUNES. The children play with their father in the living room. Albert Guenther Hess (AGH) is teaching the girls

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Children’s birthday party

Children’s birthday party. Francisca and Yoka Verdoner are present, there are many other (unidentified) children present as well. Many of the little boys are dressed in sailors uniforms, the word “MARINE” is visible on one of the little boy’s hats. The children blow out a candle on a cake. Documentation from original film indicates that

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