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1947: Frolick’s Halloween Party – Family & Friends – Diners & Waitresses

Home movie that begins with scenes of a 1947 Halloween party, where party guests are seen drinking and dancing. This is followed by Chicago street scenes of friends and family posing near their home, interior scenes of a neighborhood Chicago diner, a Chicago postal worker, an airport and a potato sack race in a park.

Yousefi Family Collection, no. 4 – Yousefi Wedding, Traditional Persian Ceremony (2001)

This home movie captures scenes of the Yousefi family celebrating traditional Persian wedding customs at their daughter’s wedding in Addison, Texas. The bride and groom sit under a silk shawl held by family members in front of their wedding spread while the traditional ceremony is performed in both English and Persian.

Fatal Car Wreck I (2013)

This student film, made by Hunter Rowe, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image to tell the story of a man reflecting on his death and life after a fatal car crash. The film uses picturesque home movie scenes as the narrator speaks about his life–what he did and what he

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The Easterwood Family Films, no. 12 – Rural Life

This home movie portrays rural life for the Easterwood family in the 1950s. Focusing primarily on the Easterwoods’ farm, the film captures many scenes of wheat fields, harvests, and farm equipment. Images of horses and ponies roaming in pastures, downtown Dimmitt, and an Easterwood family wedding anniversary celebration are also included.

The Coltman Collection, no. 1 – Peter and Felicity’s Wedding Day (1955)

This home movie from the Coltman Collection captures scenes from Peter and Felicity’s wedding day. Most of the footage is of the reception, where they eat a meal with friends and family, cut the wedding cake and take photos.

The Amparo Rivera Family Collection, no. 2 – Xavier and Gloria’s Wedding

This home movie from the Amparo Rivera collection captures the bride, groom and wedding guests exiting the church where they are treated to a mariachi serenade.