U.S. soldiers at Berchtesgaden; marching in Munich; boarding trains with locals to go home

Driving in the countryside around Munich (1945), now in the area around Berchtesgaden. Beautiful shot of the Alps mountains while driving over a river. Soldiers stop alongside the road and enjoy a moment in the sun. A convoy pulls up to the wreckage of Hitler’s headquarters at Berchtesgaden. The camera looks down from the mountainside

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Training at a Hitler Youth camp

Pan slowly up to a Hitler Youth Flag waving. A mountain range is visible. 00:01:15 A Hitler Youth organizer meets with members outside the Salzburg train station prior to leaving for camp. The boys carry suitcases. Sign by the road with “HJ Fuehrerschule Groedig 1km” and a two-toned diamond with a swastika. Scenes of the

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US Army soldiers on Omaha Beach, France

MS, parade of soldiers in naval uniforms march through city streets (unidentified army) carrying rifles. An awning sign reads: “HAMILTON and BELL.” Another store sign reads: “HUINS.” To the left, a banner hangs from a window: “SOLDIER TO SOLDIER” with drawings of a marching soldier on either side of the banner. A different group of

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Hitler’s butler’s home movies; Oswald Mosley, BUF in London

1938 color home movies of Kannenberg family in Germany. Two young girls (nieces) with Arthur Kannenberg and shiny black Mercedes flying small swastika. Intertitle: “Unser Vater an seinem 73.ten Geburtstag (Our father on his 73rd birthday) 21.6.38.” Grandfather, grandmother, 3 young girls bring flowers. Family scenes, including storefront “Villa Luise.” [1944 police document identifies Inger

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Zeilsheim DP Camp

Life at Zeilsheim DP camp (a small German town converted into a DP center), including a protest march and Robinson family members in various settings.;All footage shot in camp. Fay and Alice play in snow, houses in BG. Joseph (born in Zeilsheim on August 25, 1946) in the baby carriage. Children play near house. Children

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Sightseeing in Paris; women modeling new dresses

Another day, showing monument/great building, two women with another German officer. Focus on one (not the same woman as shown previously), who is smiling and laughing. She tips her hat to the camera. 01:05:18 in a park. Two women from the previous scene are laughing and swinging on a swing set, standing up. An older

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Crowds in Vienna during Anschluss; Hitler; Goebbels

German soldiers; various sights in Germany

German troops and marching band parade, a crowd of German civilians follow. Streetcar, traffic, street scenes in Berlin(?). Mark Jacoby and his father Samuel take a carriage ride. Samuel and Marie kiss. Jacoby family tours garden, poses for a group shot with some kind of equipment (pushcart?). Circular pan of grounds, planting/digging with equipment

Forced labor battalion of Hungarian Jews

George Veres and other Hungarian Jews march at a forced labor group stationed in the Jewish Boys’ Orphanage. Jews were forced by the Hungarian government into these battalions prior to the German invasion. George served several periods with the forced labor battalion, beginning in September 1940 and ending in December 1944 when he escaped from

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Parade in Munich

Parade. Nazi banners hang from the buildings as people in costumes parade through the streets of Munich? (for Carnival?). Float poster reads “Negerdorf Neubiberg.” Religious procession follows, and people heil Hitler. Panning shots of a rainy day in Munich. The city’s triumphal arch and other buildings are visible