History of 303rd Field Artillery

Col. Redding chronicles the progress of the 303rd Field Artillery, primarily in Germany, includes DPs, POWs, and camps for Russian and Polish refugees.;Map of Marienbad. Footage of the spa town around May 5, 1945. Newspaper headlines: VE Day, “Churchill, King George Speak Today.” GIs on lawn in front of hotel. Radio. Roads with released German

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German soldiers meet

INT, four Germans in uniform, in an office, map on wall in BG. One sits behind a desk with glasses reading a letter. They are speaking to one another

Meeting of German soldiers

INT of an office where a meeting is being held. Camera pans around the table, showing perhaps a dozen men, mostly German officers, smoking and a female secretary (one of the women seen earlier?) Maps on the wall. Some men in civilian clothes (French collaborators?) Marked map on the wall, one of the Germans (shown

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US Army vehicles; Army-Navy Game

US military supply vehicles travelling down dirt road, arrive at Army barracks. 01:01:19 (black and white) Army vehicles, labeled 104 HQ1. “HQ 1st BN 104th F.A. Message Center” sign. Soldiers sending telegrams. Map. 01:03:25 Camouflaged weapons. 01:05:16 (color) soldiers with map, dead fox. “104th Battalion” title. Play fighting. 01:08:15 Building, CU military car, vehicles lined

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