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The Easterwood Family Films, no. 12 – Rural Life

This home movie portrays rural life for the Easterwood family in the 1950s. Focusing primarily on the Easterwoods’ farm, the film captures many scenes of wheat fields, harvests, and farm equipment. Images of horses and ponies roaming in pastures, downtown Dimmitt, and an Easterwood family wedding anniversary celebration are also included.

The Cristela Gonzalez Bond Collection, no. 4 – Lucy’s Wedding and Apollo XI Parade (1969)

This home movie from Houston captures scenes of a Gonzalez family wedding and the welcome home parade for the astronauts of Apollo XI following the moon landing of July 20, 1969. Scenes of an exuberant Lucy Gonzalez exiting the church open the film before the ticker tape parade down Main Street in Houston. The parade

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The Frick 70s Collection, no. 1 – Main Street Art Happening, Houston

This home movie documents a Main Street Art Happening, precursor to the International Festival, on Houston’s Main Street, including art displays, stage shows, and clowns. The Frick Collection was donated to TAMI by John Frick and includes home movies of family Christmases, camping trips, and outings in Houston, as well as trips to local Texas

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Wallace and Elva Raney Collection – Celebrations in Clarendon

This home movie captures scenes of town life in the 1950s, including parades, picnics, family gatherings, and passersby of the family’s gas station.

The Ross S. Sterling Collection, no. 21 – Community BBQ

This home movie captures scenes of the Sterling family attending a community BBQ where men prepare meats in pits dug into the ground. While the meat is cooked, Sterling and his family visit and enjoy their friends’ company.

The Orris D. Brown Collection, no. 4 – The Great Houston Flood of 1935

This home movie captures scenes of the Great Houston Flood of 1935, primarily of the flooded downtown district, including Main, Milam, Prairie, and Texas Streets. Houstonians are seen rowing canoes down these metropolitan streets, alongside submerged storefronts and homes. Brown then includes before and after shots of the downtown district. The flood began on December

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The Porter Click Family, no. 1 – Battle of Flowers Parade (1941)

This home movie captures scenes of the Battle of Flowers Parade in downtown San Antonio on April 25, 1941. Representatives of many community organizations and schools ride on elaborately decorated floats, and military corps and high school marching bands from all over Texas march in uniform. The Battle of Flowers parade began in 1891 and

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The Lamar B. Kelly Collection, no. 6 – Amherst High Class of ’57 Senior Trip (1957)

This home movie captures scenes of the Amherst High School Class of 1957 senior trip to Silverton, Colorado. The young men and women gather at a home in Amherst before taking off by bus to Colorado. Once there, they enjoy scenic views of the mountains, do some hiking, and spend time in downtown Silverton.

The Railford H. Burton Collection, no. 3 – Family Travels (1930)

This home movie captures scenes of Texas’ Burton family in 1930, traveling and spending time with family. Scenes of an early airplane taking off, the family at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming, the family at the beach, and the Amereda Geophysical Crew in the field are included.

The Ross S. Sterling Collection, no. 12 – Family at Domestic Help at Sterling Mansion

This home movie captures scenes of Ross Sterling at his vacation home at Morgan’s Point with his family. Three young girls, possibly granddaughters or nieces, pick flowers in the garden and present them to Mrs. Sterling, and the mansion staff, in uniform, waves to the camera. Images of Main Street in downtown Houston are also

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