David Glick’s JDC mission to South America in the late 1930s

In color: A hydroplane is docked on the water in Trinidad. “Pan American Airlines” logo and lettering, crew members work on propellers and engine, walking along the wing, in the FG a young boy looks at the camera and watches the men on the “deck” of the plane. Several passengers board the plane, both men

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Eva Braun & family vacation; Hitler at Berghof

Reel 6 of the private motion pictures Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).;COLOR. Inside Eva Braun’s house at Wasserburgerstrasse 12 in Munich. Eva’s father Friedrich Braun tying string around trunk. Two men removing trunk and large duffel bag to truck. Eva walking towards camera with a film camera in her hands, which she’s winding. Eva on

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Postwar destruction; liberation of Dachau; DPs going home

***The clip that is viewable online is a selected excerpt from the complete story – timecode 06:06:27 to 06:15:14.***;8mm color and b/w motion pictures taken by Dr. Myron E. Greene (a dentist) during his five years in the Army. His unit took over Dachau from the 45th Div. at noon on April 29, 1945.;Scenes showing

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German Jewish refugee boys arrive at Quincy-sous-Senart

Refugee boys from Berlin arrive at a chateau owned by Count Hubert Conquere de Monbrison in the town of Quincy-sous-Senart, located about 30 km south of Paris. He and the Princess Irena Paley (a niece of the last Russian czar who later became Monbrison’s wife) used the chateau to house refugee girls from the Russian

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Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 19 – Galveston Vacation (1970)

This home movie captures scenes of the Freemans’ vacation on the Texas coast in 1970. The family first goes to Galveston, eating at the Cafeteria at the Jack Tar Hotel, then leisurely spends time on the beach swimming and sunbathing. Later they take a ride on a ferry, The Texas Queen, in Seabrook.

HP Wells Family Films – Texas, Louisiana, Cuba (1950)

This home movie captures scenes of Margie Sears Wells and Harris Peyton Wells, Jr. on a trip in Texas, Louisiana, and Cuba in March of 1950. It captures scenes of a construction site, a Louisiana plantation, and Cuban beaches.

The Cruz Family Collection, no. 11 – Trip to Juarez

This home movie captures scenes of El Paso’s Cruz family spending time with extended family in Ju

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 48 – Wedding in Richmond, VA (1971)

This home movie captures scenes of a trip to Richmond, Virginia in 1971 where the Freemans and their extended family attend a wedding. Some footage of the Freemans at Dr. Freeman’s mother’s house is included before the family gets ready to depart for the wedding.

The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 12 – Trip to Europe

In this home movie from 1929, E.B. Hopkins; his wife, Amy; and their two eldest daughters, Amy (known as Mimi) and Jane, travel to Holland and France. In Holland, the Hopkinses visit The Hague and Amsterdam, touring royal palaces and museums. After flying to Paris, the family explores the French capital city, making stops at

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