American nurses sightseeing in England

Beatrice and some military personnel stand in Trafalgar Square in London. The 51st Field Hospital arrived in England in March 1944. Nelson’s Column, the bronze lions, and crowds feeding pigeons are visible. A sign says, “Let our savings speak for us. Carry on London. Salute the soldier.” on the base of the column. 01:03:47 Buckingham

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Hitler’s butler’s home movies; Oswald Mosley, BUF in London

1938 color home movies of Kannenberg family in Germany. Two young girls (nieces) with Arthur Kannenberg and shiny black Mercedes flying small swastika. Intertitle: “Unser Vater an seinem 73.ten Geburtstag (Our father on his 73rd birthday) 21.6.38.” Grandfather, grandmother, 3 young girls bring flowers. Family scenes, including storefront “Villa Luise.” [1944 police document identifies Inger

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Prague; field surgery; London; German submarines


London street scenes with automobile and bus traffic, circa 1935-1939 when Kurt Ehrenfeld had been living there to attend high school while his family remained in Nazi Germany. MS, in Hyde Park on Oxford Street. Bus advertising “Give Havana Cigars” passes the Marble Arch. Crowds at Speakers’ Corner. Camera follows a tall man with a

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The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection – Trip to Ireland and London (1967)

This home movie captures a trip around Ireland and England in 1967, including stops in Shannon, Blarney, Knock, Athlone, Dublin, and London. The footage focuses mostly on views from the tour bus window and also includes footage of members of the group kissing the Blarney Stone.