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[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 5

Intertitle: “Branch Mills Grange Fair 1939”;0- 3:50 Views of horse pull as horses struggle to pull large boulder at a traditional country fair. Various teams at work, with crowds of men watching. Some handlers whip the horses. High view of village.;3:50- 4:05 Sulky races through the village;Intertitle: “The Winner”;4:05-4:24 The winner of the sulky race

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[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 10

Intertitle: “Home Movies Presents Thanksgiving 1946”;16:39-18:41 Color views of family around table laughing and eating. Young girls also eating (same two as seen before). Smiling man, a pre-adolescent girl and older man are at table. One girl eats stuffed celery. Another eats from her plate. Dad eats from plate.;Intertitle: “Christmas Morning 1946”;18:42- 20:39 Color “Santa”

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[Laurence Bray–home movies] Reel 6

Viewing Notes: Barbecue. Horse race. Men working on roof. Potato crop. Shots from moving car of trees with autumn color. Man in tractor pulling kids on sled. Elderly people posing with fish. Logs floating down river. Ice fishing. Snowmobiling. Campfire in woods. Logging. Woman shooting gun. Fishing. Volkswagen Beetle. Snowmobiling. Fish. Ice boat.

[Harvard Forest Films] Reel 6

Intertitle: “The Forest of tomorrow” Footage of workers in the forest, including digging and loading a truck. Intertitle: “Three generations of Harvard Forest workers” A shot of three men. Intertitle: “The axmen opens new vistas” A shot of a forest. Intertitle: “For systematic thinning the trees are marked” Footage of workers marking, cutting down and

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