Prewar Jewish life of the Weinlaub (later Vanlaw) family

Scenes shot on the latter part of the Weinlaubs’ trip from Los Angeles to New York, including street scenes in Chicago (see highway sign at 01:01:44) and views of Washington, DC (01:04:13 to 01:05:15). The couple was travelling cross-country because Kurt’s company had transferred him back to New York (see Biographical Notes field for more

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Orthodox Jews in Biecz, Poland

In Biecz, Poland, 1936, pan of town, street scenes, CUs Jewish boys, including Mendel Halpern on left at 00:09:43 and 00:09:45 (boy with curls). Town hall, Orthodox Jews. Fast pan of shops, streets, pavillion, Jews, the boy Mendel Halpern (00:10:10), Hebrew writing on building EXT, Library. More pan of the village