The Jon Montgomery Collection, no. 8 – Berlin Vacation (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of Jon Montgomery when he was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base near Frankfurt, Germany in 1963-64. Among footage of landmarks and landscapes in Frankfurt, the base, and military check points are two notable scenes: one of U.S. Senators William Fulbright and John Sparkman arriving at the air base as representatives

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The Stephens Family Films, no. 1 – Dealey Plaza in Mourning, Ronnie

This home movie captures scenes of Dealey Plaza in the days after President Kennedy

The Cecil Camp Family Collection, no. 1 – Dealey Plaza and JFK Assassination News Coverage (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of Dealey Plaza after President Kennedy

The Strawn Collection, no. 1 – Football and Dealey Plaza the Day After (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of a football game and of Dealey Plaza in Dallas the day after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. In Dealey Plaza, the Strawn family documents the Texas School Book Depository building and the 6th floor window, as well as images of mourners leaving flowers and large floral arrangements

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The Hackney Family Collection, no. 4 – President Kennedy

In the era before VCRs and DVRs, a person who wanted to record an event off of the television could do so by pointing the film camera towards the screen. Events captured in this manner tend to be significant world events that the filmmaker felt strongly about saving for the future. In this case, the

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