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Holiday celebration; street scenes; shops

Reel 3.;Intertitle: Holiday Celebration. Street scene with townspeople in costume to celebrate the Easter holiday. People walk towards camera in street, dressed nicely. Women with packages pass by. Shops in BG. Men and women in fancy clothing. Umbrellas. LV, men and women walking. Religious procession past shops on square, man in front holds metal post.

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Family poses for camera; city square

Reel 4.;Women and children from the Sommer and Klein families in alley and doorway of house, they walk towards the camera. Some gather in BG (VQ: fuzzy). Children and women in a group. CU, children slowly walk towards camera. 02:00:43 Pan (left to right), men posing (all in suits, hats, overcoats), glimpse of an automobile

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