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A. M. Harper, African Safari Part II

Born in Yorktown, Texas in 1901, Albert Morris “A.M.” Harper was a longtime resident of Alice where he owned and operated a successful oil field trucking company. Financial success followed from the early boom in the Texas oil industry and enabled Harper to enjoy a recreational home in Port Aransas and many adventurous pursuits, including

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The Baylor Family Collection, no. 12 – Hunting Dove and Quail in South Texas, 1965

Among the Baylor family members are a number of avid huntsmen and women. Captured in this home movie are John and friends hunting for dove and quail in South Texas.

[Raymond Cotton—home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “Raymond O. Cotton presents TIME MARCHES ON. August 1937. Hiram Buys a Fire Engine. HIRAM FIRE DEPARTMENT IN ACTION.” The fire department in Hiram was started in 1937, and the creator of the film was a member of the fire department. Man goes to a fire call box on a pole, and turns the

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[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2526

Can notes: “Trips + Travels;Marion knits at Kidney Pond;Dam on Souadabscook Stream;Falls + Bridge on West Branch;Mt. Katahdin from Foot Bridge;Stuck in Stream – Dam the Beavers.;A. Whitehorse + Guide Lisle at Holeb Falls Camp on Moose River;A. Whitehorse + Guide Russ? [sic] Rapids;Attean Lake Camp;P.W.H. at Attean Lake Camp;Marion and PWH Cross James River

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