The Ross S. Sterling Collection, no. 21 – Community BBQ

This home movie captures scenes of the Sterling family attending a community BBQ where men prepare meats in pits dug into the ground. While the meat is cooked, Sterling and his family visit and enjoy their friends’ company.

Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 67 – Anniversary Tea (1970)

This home movie captures scenes of the Freemans attending an Anniversary Tea in 1970. A brass band performs, speeches are given, and trophies are awarded to recipients.

The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 22 – The First Annual Aqua Festival Parade and Rodeo (1962)

This home movie captures scenes of the first annual Aqua Festival parade and rodeo in Austin in 1962. The Aqua Festival was founded in 1962 to promote Austin and the surrounding region as a destination and to boost the local economy during its slow season. This film documents one of the festival’s parades, where floats

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The Jon Montgomery Collection, no. 8 – Berlin Vacation (1963)

This home movie captures scenes of Jon Montgomery when he was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base near Frankfurt, Germany in 1963-64. Among footage of landmarks and landscapes in Frankfurt, the base, and military check points are two notable scenes: one of U.S. Senators William Fulbright and John Sparkman arriving at the air base as representatives

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