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Home Movies: Can 11279: Omega Psi Phi Grand Conclave, Detroit, Michigan, December 27-30, 1965

Home movie from the 50th Grand Conclave of the predominantly African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi, shot in and around the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Michigan, December 27-30, 1965. Shows crowds outside hotel gathering for a group picture, social activity, basketball player Wilt Chamberlain arriving at hotel, members eating in diner, and evening social activity inside

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The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 19 – The Young Life of Jeffery Sullivan

This home movie from the 1970s captures scenes of a day in the life of Ouida Whitaker Dean’s grand-nephew, Jeffrey Sullivan. After introducing himself, Sullivan shows us around his home in Nacogdoches, strolling through the crops and visiting the livestock. He also plays with his pets and hangs out with his family. This film charmingly

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Tales of a Bahr (2013)

This student film, made by Sharon Bahr, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, paired with an audio interview, to document her parents

For Janie (2013)

This student film, made by Jonathan Lopez, uses archival footage from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, paired with narration from the filmmaker

The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 2 – Arkansas Air National Guard and Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures scenes of Galveston’s Ketchum family in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The first portion of footage captures members of the Arkansas Air National Guard at an airfield in Fort Smith. A pilot dances for the camera and demonstrates how to don the proper flight attire while mechanics repair various planes

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The H.R. Ketchum Film Collection, no. 1 – Wedding Ceremony and Pram Parade

This home movie from the 1920s captures multiple Ketchum family gatherings in Tulsa and Galveston, from a wedding ceremony to a neighborhood parade of children in prams and floats to a trip to the beach. A portion of the footage takes place at the Ketchum’s Galveston residence, the historic Menard House. Michel B. Menard was

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The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 3 – Bob and Purcell’s Trip to Niagara

This home movie from Texas oilman E.B. Hopkins captures scenes of a May Day celebration, a family vacation to Niagara Falls, home construction, ships on the Houston Ship Channel, and the family swimming at the beach, likely in Galveston. The home movie begins with scenes of young girls going around a Maypole in the spring

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The Fred Napp Collection, no. 2 – The House Fire

This home movie features a house fire in DeKalb, Texas in the 1950s. Firefighters try to put out the flames as neighbors watch from the sidelines.

The Avena-Wilson Collection, no. 4 – Laredo-Nuevo Laredo

This home movie captures scenes of the Texas-Mexico border in Laredo-Nuevo Laredo. The film begins in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and captures images of the Rio Grande River and across into Texas. It then cuts to scenes of children playing outside of a schoolhouse in Laredo, Texas. Also included are scenes of a newborn and her

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