1968: Skating – Jeff 4th Birthday – Judy 6th Birthday – Pete’s 1st Birthday – Doll Buggy Parade

1964-1967: 1967 Little Pete – 1964 Milwaukee Zoo – Holy Hill – Christmas

Home movie of the Sisak family featuring a trip to the Milwaukee zoo and Holy Hill as well as children riding amusement rides, Christmas morning, a boy’s birthday party and First Communion festivities. The film ends with parents posing with their newborn and shots of the baby in his crib.

1965: Summer – Christmas – Jeff’s 5th Birthday – Judy 7th Birthday – Halloween

Sisak family home movie shot primarily in Racine, Wisconsin. The film features a visit to a deer farm, children riding amusement rides, children swimming in a backyard swimming pool, Door County lake scenes, family Christmas scenes, children ice skating, children riding bicycles, a young girl’s birthday party and another feeding zoo. The final scenes include

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1962: Baby Shower – Halloween

Sisak family home movie that includes footage of children playing in a residential yard, a large picnic, a baby shower, Door County scenes and children posing in their Halloween costumes. The second half features Christmas scenes, an Easter egg hunt, more Door Country scenes and children playing in the snow.

1962: Christmas

This is a color home movie of four adults being playful and lounging at home at what appears to be a Christmas party. There is drinking, smoking and light dancing. At one point a man puts on sunglasses and imitates Ray Charles.

Christmas, 1931–Simmons Brown–home movies. Reel 18

A family outing and Christmas, 1937;scenes from 1939–Cyrus Pinkham–home movies. Reel 4

Compiled reel of home movies including an August 1937 trip by the Pinkhams and Stewarts to New York’s Belmont Lake State Park;Christmas 1937;and various family scenes from throughout 1939.

[S.D. Kelsey–home movies] Reel 11

[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2526

Can notes: “1950 Clam Bake;Uncle Ernest Wedding Anniversary 50th;Publicity Bureau, Kittery;Becky Brow’s Wedding;Nova Scotia Trip;Marion in Garden.” Reel notes: “Bar Harbor;Pete Graduates;Charlotte 5 years old” Dark footage of boy in snow who appears to be holding stuffed animal (bear or mouse (?) something with big ears) Large teddy bear sitting on snow bank next to

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[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 4, Accession 2523

Intertitle: “Events About Town ’37 (Reel No. 1)” followed by shot of men with their cars, men playfully fight. Shot of three children posing for the camera (two boys, one girl). Shot of men with truck, side of truck reads: Hussey MFG. CO. Structural Steel No. Berwick, ME. Intertitle: “Class of ’37 goes to Washington,

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